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Have no idea about recording your screen? Click the download button at left to download FonePaw and follow the guide below.

Step 1. Launch FonePaw and Click Video Recorder

To record your screen activities, launch FonePaw and choose the Video Recorder feature.

Video Recorder Interface

Step 2. Customize the Recording Area

You can click Custom to select the recording region: full screen, customized area, selected window, and preset frame (1080p, 720p, etc.). The recording region can move following your mouse cursor if you have enabled it in the Recording tab in preference settings.

Select Recording Area

If you select a single window, FonePaw will lock it and only record the content in it.

You can also click Add exclusions to prevent windows that you don't want to record from appearing in your recording.

Add Exclusions

Step 3. Adjust Webcam & Audio Settings

If you want to record your face with the screen at the same time, click to turn on the webcam.

You can click the ON/OFF buttons to decide whether or not to record sounds from the system or microphone. You can also click the drop-down arrow icon and then choose Soundcheck to check the volume. Drag the slider to adjust the volume.

Step 4. Click REC to Start Recording

During recording, you can see a floating panel showing some basic information of your recording. You can also do some simple operations on it.

Floating Panel

Step 5. Stop Recording

Click the red rectangle button to stop recording. After that, you can preview, trim(optional), and save the recording to your computer.

Extra Tip: Advanced Features of FonePaw Screen Recorder

During recording, FonPaw supports taking screenshots, adding annotations like texts or common patterns, or scheduling a recording with the options on the floating panel.

Recording With Panel

It also provides you with a magnifying glass and spotlight tools to help you highlight things on your screen.

Spotlight Recording

Click to see the Customized Settings and more Advanced Features.

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