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Before you start, click the download buttons on this page to get the latest version of FonePaw Screen Recorder.

Step 1. Click Audio Recorder

Audio Recorder Interface

Step 2. Adjust Audio Settings

You can click the ON/OFF buttons to decide whether or not to record sounds from the system or microphone.

You can also do a sound check in Preferences to ensure that the system sounds and your voice will be recorded. And you may drag the slider to adjust the volume.

System Sound Settings

Microphone Settings

Plus, if you have purchased the full version, you can enable Noise Cancellation Recording and Microphone Enhancement (only available on Windows), which can help you record a much clearer voice.

Sound Settings

Step 3. Click REC to Start Recording

You can control the audio volume in real-time while recording.

Recording a Audio

Step 4. Click the Rectangle Button to Stop Recording

After that, you can preview, trim (if necessary), and save the audio recording to your computer.

You can decide on what format the audio file should be saved by going to More Settings> Output > Audio Format.

Save Recorded Audio as Various Formats

Default Keyboard Shortcuts:
  • Ctrl + Alt + R: To start/stop recording
  • Ctrl + Alt + S: To pause/resume recording
  • Ctrl + Shift + C: Screen capture
You can customize the hotkeys in Preferences.
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