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1.What's the difference between the trial version and the registered version of the program? show/unshow

All functions of trial version and registered version are the same. But the trial version has some limitations. For example, the unregistered FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery can scan your device and display files on your device, but cannot recover files. If you are a registered user, it can assist you to recover files without any limitation and you will be entitled to get free upgrade for lifetime and full technical support from us.

2.Is it safe to make an order from FonePaw? show/unshow

All of your data on FonePaw will be guaranteed by us. And we cooperate with Digital River, Avangate, PayPal, etc. to receive your payment. So your personal information will get the highest protection.

3.How could I confirm if it succeeded to my order? show/unshow

If you finish all of the payment, then the details of your order such as ID, Registration code and E-mail address will be sent by payment platform very soon.

4.What should I do if I place an order twice? show/unshow

If you place an order twice, don't worry. You can contact our support and give your order ID, number or other needed information, our sales will check with you. After getting a confirmation, we will have a refund to you for the duplicated one as soon as possible.

5.Can I cancel the order? show/unshow

If you install it on your computer and use it for a while, then the answer is No. And if there something wrong with our product that our team can't solve it, then we will consider to give you a refund according to our Refund Policy.


1.What kinds of payment can I use? show/unshow

You are supported to purchase product by payment methods of Avangate, Digital, PayPal through Visa/Euro/MasterCard card, Discover, American Express, JCB, etc.

2.What to do if I didn't receive the license code after purchasing the product? show/unshow

Please check the E-mail address you submitted is the right one you used first. And when you paid via PayPal, e-checks are not an instant payment term, which clears within 3-5 days, when it done, PayPal will send us a notification, and then the license code will be sent you soon.

3.Should my billing address be matched with the address on my credit card? show/unshow

In order to protect the information of your credit card, you must enter the exact address which is also the same on your credit card statement. By the way, you have no need to enter your middle name and initial.

4.If I buy the wrong product by mistake, can I exchange it? show/unshow

We offer two solutions for our customers if they end up with the wrong product accidentally.
1) We can provide you a 20% discount to purchase the correct product if you would like to keep the wrong product as well. Just contact us and we will get that set up for you.
2) You are supposed to contact FonePaw Support to change your wrong order into the correct one. However, the price difference (which the support will provide you unique purchase link with price difference) must be fully taken into account. If the correct order is more expensive than the wrong one, you should make up the difference. If not, the price difference between two products will not be returned.


1.What should I do if I sent the registered mail to the wrong product show/unshow

The system of program will send you the registration E-mail to your purchasing E-mail automatically. If you get the wrong product accidently, then at first, you need to go back to the official website of product; second, download and install the trial version of the program on computer to check if it works; third, go to contact us then we will send you the corresponding registration code.

2.The registration code is invalid, what should I do? show/unshow

All of your data on FonePaw will be guaranteed by us. And we cooperate with Digital River, Avangate, PayPal, etc. to receive your payment. So your personal information will get the highest protection.
Second, check the registration code you spell it correctly especially the sensitive.
Third, if it still doesn't work in such situation above, please contact our supporter.

3.Can I change the delivery method? show/unshow

The answer is No. the shipping method can't be changed after you submit your order. The system of any agency is not supported to change the delivery method.


1.Is there any technical support for customer? show/unshow

Definitely! Whether you use the registered program or trial one, if you meet any technical problems of product, please feel free to contact us and submit your questions, our supporter will reply you in 24 hours (on working time) or 48 hours (on weekend).

2.How long it will take the money back if the refund requests are approved? show/unshow

It will take 3~7 working days for refund money on your same account normally.

3.Does FonePaw provide "Try-before-Buy" service? show/unshow

Yes. "Try-before-Buy" FonePaw software enables you to evaluate before purchasing to see if it can meet your needs.You can download the free trial version of FonePaw software with partial functions. If you want use the full functional FonePaw software, you need to buy the licence code. Then the Registration Code will be sent automatically via email within minutes.

4.Does the license code can be used twice? show/unshow

If you change to install the software on another computer, then the license code will be invalid. One license code can be used on one computer, so if you want to change the computer and still use the product, you need to buy it again on FonePaw.