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FonePaw Review: One-Stop Data Recovery Software

author Lois Green
date Friday, March 1, 2024

When you accidentally delete data, data recovery software can really help you to find deleted data quickly and efficiently. However, you should know that not all data recovery tools have the same capabilities. In this field, FonePaw Data Recovery is one of the famous and outstanding data recovery software. You may be wondering if this software fits your needs. Continue reading this article to learn more about its advantages, disadvantages, main features, operation steps, etc.

What is FonePaw Data Recovery

FonePaw Data Recovery is one of the top data recovery software for quickly recovering deleted files. It can help you recover all types of lost files, such as: documents, photos, videos, audio files, emails, etc. It supports data recovery from various storage devices including computers, external hard drives, USB drives, SD cards, etc. The following table briefly summarizes the operating systems, recovery scenarios, recovery devices, scan modes supported by FonePaw Data Recovery. The next part will introduce you to each feature of the software in more detail.

System Requirements Windows OS: Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP (32 bit or 64 bit)
Mac OS: Mac OS X 10.7 and above (macOS Sonoma and macOS Ventura also supported)
Supported files Photos (JPG, PNG, GIF); Videos (AVI, MOV, MP4); Audios (AIFF, M4A, MP3); Documents; Email, etc.
Supported file systems NTFS, exFAT, FAT16/FAT32, APFS, etc.
Usage scenarios Accidental file deletion, formatting, virus infection, etc.
Supported recovery devices Computer, SSD/HDD, memory card, USB flash drive, camera, etc.
Scan mode Quick Scan & Deep Scan

Main Features of FonePaw Data Recovery

🌟Straight-forward Interface

FonePaw Data Recovery has a concise, and user-friendly interface. There are no complicated buttons and annoying interface ads. Users do not need to master advanced technical knowledge, they can quickly complete data scanning and recovery in a few clicks.

🌟Multiple Scenarios and Devices Supportive

FonePaw Data Recovery can be used to restore accidentally deleted files and data, and it also applies to computer crashes, virus attacks, hard drive formatting, hard drive logical damage, etc. In addition to recovering lost data from your computer, it is also capable of recovering data from hard drives data, USB drives, SD cards, cell phone memory cards, etc.

🌟Data Recovery with 1000+ File Formats

This comprehensive tool supports the recovery of various types of data. It holds the capability to recover deleted office files, document files, images, videos, emails, and browsing data. No matter what type of data you lose, you can always seek help from FonePaw Data Recovery.

🌟Comprehensive Scan Mode

Two scanning modes are supported. Quick scan mode can help you quickly scan, locate, and recover target data. The deep scan mode can scan your device more deeply, increasing the chances of finding and recovering deleted data.

🌟Preview Before Recovery

FonePaw Data Recovery supports previewing before data recovery. You can view the name, size, created date, and modified date of the files, making it much easier to locate and filter the files you want to recover.

How to Recover Data Using FonePaw Data Recovery

The operation process of FonePaw Data Recovery is also very simple and does not require advanced computer knowledge. In this section, we will show you step-by-step instructions on how to recover lost data using FonePaw Data Recovery.

Step 1. Select Data Type and the Drive to Scan

Install and launch FonePaw Data Recovery. Access the main interface of the software, select the file types and the drive. Once all selections are made, click the "Scan" button.

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Select Data Type and the Drive to Scan

Step 2. Preview and Select Files You Want to Recover

After scanning, you will see a list of recoverable files. You will then be able to find your data more easily, using the list of types or folders found in the left panel, including images, videos, audio files, documents, etc. You can then preview the details of the recoverable files. Once you select the lost files, click the "Recover" button to start recovery.

Preview and Select Wanted Data

Step 3. Wait for Data Recovery to Complete

Set the saving path of the recovered files. Wait for a moment. After completion, click open folder to view the recovered files.

Start Data Recovery

Pros & Cons of FonePaw Data Recovery


  • Available for Windows and Mac computers.
  • Supports many types of devices, including internal and external hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, etc.
  • The program is compatible with FAT, exFAT, NTFS, HFS+, APFS file systems, etc.
  • All file types are supported, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents, audio files, videos, images, etc.
  • Two scanning modes for users to choose flexibly and scan files thoroughly. Supports preview of recovered files.


  • Although you can scan the device and preview files for free, you have to upgrade the plan to recover data.
  • Can not scan individual folders. You will need to scan the entire hard drive, which may take longer than expected.

Overall, FonePaw Data Recovery is a powerful tool for data recovery with its excellent performance and user-friendly interface. Although it requires payment to unlock the full recovery, its advantages far outweigh the disadvantages for those who value efficiency and reliability.

Is FonePaw safe to use?

Yes, FonePaw Data Recovery is an absolutely safe and reliable data recovery software. When downloading and using the software, no malicious virus software will be installed. FonePaw can optionally recover data to avoid secondary data loss. The entire process can also be completed by yourself without the risk of data leakage.

In addition, FonePaw has a reliable technical support team that will regularly update and maintain to ensure security. Therefore, you can download and use the software with confidence.

Is FonePaw free to use?

FonePaw Data Recovery provides a free trial version and paid plans.

In terms of features, for free users, you can access all the features except the final recovery step and the deep scan mode. FonePaw Data Recovery allows free users to quick scan and preview all the lost files, including photos, videos, and documents. Once you find your wanted files, you only need to upgrade to a paid plan to recover the lost data in a minute. For paid users, you can also use the deep scan mode to search for the lost data more thoroughly.

There are no time limits for the free trial as well. Paid plans start from $39.87. You can choose a monthly subscription, a yearly subscription or directly purchase a lifetime plan. For more pricing details, you can go to the purchase page.


That’s all for the FonePaw Data Recovery software review. This program can be used to easily recover multiple file formats from diverse devices. Quick scan and deep scan can guarantee a high success rate in restoring lost data. The tool is also safe, efficient, and easy to operate. You can simply download the free trial version of the program and test for yourself the effectiveness of the features mentioned in this article. If you have urgent needs for data recovery, you may give it a try.

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