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8 Best Screen Recorder for Gaming in 2022 [In-Depth Review]

author Lois Green
date Thursday, April 21, 2022

Today, when people rely heavily on using computers to process a lot of online activities, there are also more and more screen recording tools developed for helping them to save some important or valuable moments such as meetings, lessons, video calls, and so on.

Though most free or paid recorders are able to cover most needs, for gameplay recordings, players would especially desire to have more professional recording software to capture the gaming moments with higher resolutions. To meet such demand, this blog collects the 8 best screen recorders of 2022 that are suitable for gameplay recording to capture gaming online desktops without hassle. If you are also a video game player and desire to own such reliable software to help, it's time for you to take a look!

Top Game Recorders

How Do We Choose the Best Game Recorders?

In order to greatly consider the demands of our targeted readers, we select these 8 gameplay recorders considering 5 aspects:

  1. The software occupies a low CPU could lead to a smooth gaming recording process;
  2. Whether the software is able to capture the gaming process with high resolutions and FPS;
  3. The software compatible with webcam and live stream recording functionality would be better;
  4. Whether the software provides hotkeys to flexibly control the gameplay recording conveniently;
  5. If the screen recorder allows customizing the recording area for capturing the gameplay window only.

8 Best Screen Recorder for Gaming of 2022

When we investigate video game players' demands in screen recording the gaming moments on desktops, the above 5 things are the most important factor they would pay attention to. Hence, we choose the 8 best gaming recorders that could cover most of the demands. Now, just keep reading to find out the best-recommended software to record gaming on desktops.

1. FonePaw Screen Recorder

Best gameplay recorder for beginners to get started with the handy software

Supported OS: Windows, Mac

FonePaw Screen Recorder

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As the top 1 pick game recorder, FonePaw Screen Recorder stands out for its easy-to-grasp functionality in recording any activity on screen. It is able to capture gaming moments with original resolution, and its lightweight design also enables a low CPU for ensuring the smooth recording process without any lagging during the gameplay.

FonePaw Screen Recorder is also equipped with helpful features to enable more convenient control on recording gaming, such as the hotkeys control, with which users are able to use the keyboard to control the gaming recordings flexibly. In addition, the flexible customization on adjusting the recording area and sound volume also enable users to save the gaming recordings in the best state they desire. Users are also available to select the fix gaming window for recording only!

Record Gameplay with FonePaw Screen Recorder

Of course, FonePaw Screen Recorder provides multiple recording modes such as webcam recording, live streaming recording, and audio-only mode for capturing any activity on screen without hassle. Based on your personal requirements, you are sure to fully use the functionality brought by FonePaw Screen Recorder to record gaming on your Windows or Mac desktops with ease.

Pros and Cons of FonePaw Screen Recorder


  • No lag recording ensured;
  • Mouse effect and real-time annotation adding available;
  • Rich recording modes supported to select flexibly;
  • Scheduled recording available to auto-recording the screen;
  • Noise cancellation feature to clearly capture the voice with high quality;
  • Customization on output parameter settings are allowed.


  • Although FonePaw Screen Recorder offers a free trial, only a 3-minute duration of each recording could be saved.

2. Windows Game DVR

Best for Windows 10 users who desire a built-in screen recording tool to capture the gaming process without extra help

Supported OS: Windows (Windows 10 only)

Windows 10 Game DVR Record Gaming

It would be hassle-free for Windows 10 users to record the gaming moments, as the system has provided the built-in Windows Game DVR for video game players to use for recording the gameplay on desktops. It is compatible with UWP games recording, which may be lacking in many other screen recording software.

Users only need to awake the recording feature by pressing the default shortcut of "Win + Alt + R" to specify the 30fps or 60fps gaming recording in the standard 720p or higher 1080p HD resolutions. Despite this, this built-in functionality launched by Windows 10 only takes a low CPU, so users won't feel the performance of your desktops lagging behind while recording the gaming process.

Pros and Cons of Windows Game DVR


  • No extra software installation required;
  • GPU acceleration added to the latest version for boosting efficiency;
  • Easy-to-control functionality.


  • Not always working properly like recording some demanding games;
  • Devices on lower-spec GPUs would fail to use the functionality successfully;
  • Only available on Windows 10 system;
  • Limited customizations options available.

3. OBS Studio

Best for game players requiring to record gaming with the gameplay window and also capture footage from a webcam simultaneously

Supported OS: Windows, Mac, Linux

OBS Studio Record Gaming

OBS Studio is an open-source recording software developed for desktop users to freely capture the screen without any restriction. It is compatible with both streaming and recording tasks with high resolutions, and it won't set limitations on the length of the recordings you are going to have.

Although OBS Studio would perform weaker at taking a screenshot, its screen recording functionality can be highly guaranteed. As the software is able to directly record from the graphics card, it works to record gaming in full-screen mode with hotkeys in a flexible way. Additionally, OBS Studio will not take one single CPU, but make full use of multiple of them to ensure the smooth recording performance during the gaming process, and also record the gameplay at 60fps, or even higher.

Pros and Cons of OBS Studio


  • Open source software without payment requirement;
  • Multiple platforms supported;
  • High resolution and FPS supported to record gaming;
  • Fast and smooth recording performance.


  • The functionality may be too complicated for some new users to get started with.

4. Bandicam

Best for Windows users requiring professional screen recording software to capture games in Ultra HD resolution

Supported OS: Windows

Record Games on Windows via Bandicam

Bandicam is specially developed for Windows users to capture the computer screens with the best resolution but the simplest operation process. It is regarded as one of the best gaming recorders to capture gameplay for its high bitrates and frames to output the gaming recordings. Users are able to adjust the frame rates to their own requirements and select to output the gaming recordings at the best 4K Ultra HD resolution.

To help save the storage space for video game players with high gaming recording demands, Bandicam also applies a built-in compression feature, enabling users to save the high-resolution recordings without sacrificing the storage space at all. It will smartly balance the quality and file size to bring you the perfect outcomes for saving your gaming recordings for convenient upload, sharing, preserving, and storing.

Pros and Cons of Bandicam


  • Two different recording modes available;
  • Built-in compression feature to keep high-quality recordings at the smallest size;
  • Output recordings to mainstream formats for ensuring high compatibility;
  • Recording webcam simultaneously supported;
  • Available for customizing the recording area based on personal requirements.


  • The upgraded version would be more pricy;
  • Only Windows users are able to install this software;
  • Lag issue may happen during recording the high-demanding video games.

5. Action!

Best for players requiring excellent performance in both smooth gaming recording and live streaming functionality

Supported OS: Windows

Record High-quality Gaming via Action!

Developed by a leading brand Mirillis, Action! is also an out-performing screen recorder for gaming, which supports recording gaming with a webcam overlay to the recording gaming. It enables users to flexibly switch back and forth from the full-screen gameplay while processing the recording without any interruption. Additionally, it even allows users to control the recording through the Action! mobile app!

For its recording performance, Action! has been empowered by VIDIA, AMD, or Intel hardware acceleration to ensure the no-lagging performance while processing the gaming recording. In addition, its output quality is able to reach up to 4K, with a high frame rate to greatly ensure the original quality of the gameplay videos.

An amazing functionality for gaming live streamers is that Action! supports streaming the recordings through popular platforms, including YouTube, Twitch, Livestream, etc., enabling users to instantly share the moments with players from all over the world.

Pros and Cons of Action!


  • Various helpful features to ensure high-quality gaming recording;
  • Intuitive interface with easy-to-grasp functionality;
  • Powerful performance acceleration tech applied;
  • Convenient options for recording sharing.


  • No compression feature applied to control the file size, which would easily take up much storage;
  • Expensive cost for purchasing the full license;
  • Unavailable to adjust frame rates by ourselves.

6. Nvidia ShadowPlay

Best for desktops with NVIDIA graphics card to record gaming without lagging and high video resolution

Supported OS: Windows

Use ShadowPlay Screen Recorder to Record Gaming

If your computer is equipped with an NVIDIA graphics card, the ShadowPlay screen record developed by NVIDIA is an ideal pick to help handle the gaming recording with excellent performance. Despite its basic features, for example, it is cost-free and offers an intuitive UI, ShadowPlay is also popular for its high recording resolutions supported for video game players to trust. The best resolutions supported by ShadowPlay is able to reach the highest 8K at 30FPS, or 4K at 60FPS to ensure the quality-guaranteed outputs.

Additionally, ShadowPlay also ensures the no-lagging performance so that the recording is able to be processed without affecting your gaming process, thus, the output recordings can be maintained at the best visual quality for sharing or uploading.

Also, here are 3 more highlights that ShadowPlay is able to bring to its users with gaming recording demands. Firstly, it is able to help broadcast the gaming moments and live stream them to social live streaming platforms such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live, or Twitch. Secondly, the instant reply functionality is able to help save the last 30 seconds of the gaming recording all the time. Last but not least, ShadowPlay also enables users to generate GIFs with up to 15 seconds from the captured gaming moments to the best 8K for preserving locally.

Pros and Cons of ShadowPlay


  • Absolutely a freeware to use;
  • Straightforward user interface designed to process the gaming recording without hassle;
  • Accelerate the recording performance taking only a very low CPU.


  • Only workable for the devices using NVIDIA GPU;
  • The functionality of the screen recorder may be less than some of its professional competitors.

7. Fraps

Best for users who desire a reliable screen recorder for gaming launch through years with continuous enhancement focusing on gaming recording

Supported OS: Windows

Record Gaming via the Classic Fraps

Firstly launched in 1999, Fraps has been one of the gaming recorders with a long history and a large number of users basic. For decades, Fraps has provided its out-performing functionality to record gaming on Windows devices. It focuses on taking screenshots and video recording, hence, the software is developed at a lightweight condition, which will not take a higher CPU while processing the gaming recording when it is running.

Don't worry about the output quality, as Fraps has been always keeping up with users' demands in the modern world for meeting most needs. Fraps enable users to set up the frame rate accordingly, which is ranging from 30 to 120FPS. Therefore, for the high-quality video game recording, Fraps is absolutely able to fit the needs.

Pros and Cons of Fraps


  • Lightweight software with easy-to-grasp functionality;
  • Freely customize the FPS based on personal requirements;
  • Smooth performance guaranteed to process the quick recording experience while gaming.


  • The output video size is high as no compression feature is built inside to process the size-and-quality balance;
  • Watermarks are added under the free trial period;
  • No gaming live streaming feature provided.

8. Gecata

Best for users with gaming recording demands to capture gameplay at 4K and even higher FPS

Supported OS: Windows

Use Gecata to Record Gaming on Windows

Movavi also developed a special video recorder to record games on Windows desktops with high resolution. For the gaming recordings, the video resolution is able to reach 4K at max, and also up to 120FPS. Despite the high-quality gaming recording functionality, Gecata also enables users to broadcast and stream the window while processing the recording.

Gecata provides an intuitive interface, enabling the software quite easy to grasp even if you are a starter trying to record gaming for the first time. In addition, with the helpful hotkeys provided, controlling the gaming recording would be even more convenient, without interrupting the gaming at all.

Amazingly, Gecata allows users to save and edit different audio streams separately without combining them together. In this way, you don't need to worry about interrupting the game audio while processing the gaming recording.

Pros and Cons of Gecata


  • Easy setup and user-friendly interface for every user to get started;
  • Fully compatible with all Windows systems;
  • Available to take quick screenshots while processing the gaming recording for sharing;
  • Lightweight development enabling to record high demanding games such as Minecraft, League of Legends, and so on.


  • Registration is required for accessing the full-licensed version;
  • Only available for Windows users.

After reading this in-depth review of the 8 best screen recorders for gaming on desktops, have you grasped the most ideal pick for yourself now? Concluded from all aspects, these screen recorders are the best options for recording gameplay without lagging but in high resolutions. You can select any of them and try!

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