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Best Lecture Capture Solutions for Online Learning

By Lois Green, Saturday, May 09, 2020

Lecture capture, also called lecture recording, refers to record and archive the content of a lecture, conference, or seminar. There are three important things of lecture capture: audio of the lectures and class discussions; visual resources including slides and screen captures; and video of the actual classroom.

Usually, audio recordings form the simplest version of lecture capture, but they are paired with presentation slideshow.

Hardware and software recording are the two general methods to record the audio and visual components of a lecture. In this post, we will state how to do the lecturing capturing with a hardware device and various software solutions.

1. Hardware Lecture Capture

To capture streaming video with hardware, you will need an appliance-based platform that is placed physically in a classroom for recording. It may need a combination of a microphone, camera, screen capture, and document camera.

Hardware Lecture Capture

At first, the speaker will present their slide shows to the students with the projector. In this case, the PowerPoint file can also be recorded. Besides, they will wear a microphone to make their speech sounds clearer.

Once captured, the video of the lecture is either saved directly on the capture hardware device or sent to the Internet. After adapting the video formats, viewers are then able to remotely access the recording.

2. Software-based Lecture Capture

In order to allow students to access the lecture recordings, the recording files or streaming links to the files may be placed on the institution's Learning Management System, a course website, or external video resource systems like YouTube or Vimeo.

Software Based Lectrue Capture

Therefore, screen capture programs such as FonePaw Screen Record, Panopto, etc. are needed and comparing with hardware recording, lecture recording software is more flexible and convenient to share after the recording, and not limited to time and place.

FonePaw Screen Recorder

FonePaw Screen Recorder is a professional screen recorder that records not only your screen but also the audio and webcam. One of the most attractive features is that you can present the PowerPoint on your screen while recording the webcam at the same time. In this way, you can do the lecture at home and upload it to YouTube or share the original file to the listeners.

Before recording a lecture in FonePaw Screen Recorder, open and preview the PPT file on your computer first and prepare a good quality microphone. The steps are simple:

Step 1 Download and enable FonePaw Screen Recorder


Step 2 Click on Video Recorder

Adjust the recording area by dragging the cross cursor or choose to record the whole screen. If you want to record yourself, turn on the webcam.

Video Recorder

Recording the screen with a webcam can show the expression and gesture to your audiences, catching their eye especially when you are mentioning some key points. You can narrow the window of the webcam to the corner of your screen.

Click the gear icon in the upper right to set your recording preferences. The lecture can be saved as many video formats like WMV, MP4, AVI, etc.

Output Formats

Step 3 Click REC to begin recording

FonePaw Screen Recorder also records the mouse track and allows you to add annotations, draw lines, or circles to highlight the important points during the recording.

Recording Edit

If you speak for a long time and want to drink some water, click the Pause button to have a rest. When you finish the lecture capturing, click the End button to stop the recording and preview the video.

Step 4 Save the lecture capture

If you think everything is OK with the recording, click Save to select a save path. If you are not satisfied with the recording, click Re-Record to record again and the original one will not be saved.

Save Video

Once you get your lecture capture, you can upload it to YouTube and share the link to your audiences around the world.


Panopto is a video recording service that allows teachers to record lectures and embed them directly into Moodle and other open-resource learning management systems.

It can record lectures, presentations, or guest speakers from a classroom or computer using webcam and microphone.

Besides, you can also set up Panopto to allow students to record their presentations using Panopto. To download Panopto, go to and sign in the Panopto video library.

Click the Create button and choose Record a new session. Select the Download Panopto link in the top right of the video library to download.

Download Panopto

Once downloaded, the application will open automatically.

In the Secondary Sources, you can choose to capture PowerPoint, Main Screen, video from a webcam, or additional cameras.

Capture More Sources

When you are ready, click the Record button to start. You can pause the recording at any time.  When done, click Stop Recording.

Stop Panopto Recording

Click Upload and the video will be uploaded to your video library.

Upload Recording

It will take some time to process the recordings. When the processing is complete, the recording will appear as a link in the Panopto block in Moodle.

You can embed the video in Moodle by going to a place in Moodle that you can edit text and click on the Panopto icon on the editor toolbar. Select the video and insert into the page.

Embed Panopto Video

In conclusion, using a hardware device to capture lecture has a lot of advantages like recording a real scene of teaching, capturing multiple sources such as document cameras, lecture cameras, or tablets.

But the rigid recording time and locations bring the inconvenience as well. On the other hand, lecture capture software is widely used in distance education and e-learning. With software like FonePaw Screen Recorder and Panopto, you can capture and upload a lecture whenever and wherever you are.    

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