Record Video of A Specific Application Window on Windows 10/8/7

author Lois Green
date Monday, August 06, 2018

"I need to record the window of a long-running program and need to be able to use my computer for other things at the same time. There are lots of ways to get a screen capture video for Windows all but I've seen few of them will capture a fixed area of the screen. Is there a way to capture for a particular window and to keep capturing it even if it's minimized or overlaid with other windows?"

If you encounter the same problem like this user and are searching for a screen capture software which can enable you to do other things during the recording process, then FonePaw Screen Recorder is strongly recommended.

Unlike common screen recorders which can only focus on what is laid on the computer screen, FonePaw Screen Recorder (opens new window) allows recording a specific window even if it is overlaid by other programs. If your favorite live streaming video is on yet you are still engaged with work, for example, with the help of FonePaw Screen Recorder, you can keep recording the video without interrupting your work.

Download FonePaw Screen Recorder and learn how to record a specific window in just a few easy steps.

Step 1.Turn on the Specific Window You Would Like to Record

You should first turn on the target application and open a specific window which you want to record. Do not minimize this window to tray.

Step 2. Shut Down the Function of "Record mouse click/areas"

Turn on FonePaw Screen Recorder, go the settings first and untick the items "Show mouse cursor", " Record mouse click" and "Record mouse areas". This is to make sure that when you are busy with other operations, the movement of your mouse will not be recorded.

Unclick Recording Mouse Area and Mouse Clicks

Step 3. Capture System/Microphone Sound or Webcam(Optional)

In the main panel, you can also choose to record the audio along with the video. It also allows you to adjust the system sound and microphone volume.

Choose to Record Audio

Step 4. Set the Lock Window Recording Mode

Choose "Video Recorder" on the main panel. Click the drop-down button beside the first icon, then you can see various recording modes for you to choose. Select the last one --"Lock window".

Select Lock Window Recording Mode

Step 5. Select the Recorded Window

In the pop-up window you can either choose the target window from the dropdown list or drag the buttonLock Window Button to the target window.

Select A Specific Window

When the target window is selected, you can further drag the dotted line to focus on a more specific area. For example, if you want to record a video played on Google, drag the dotted line over that video, in this way you don't have to record the whole interface of the browser. When everything is ready, click OK to start the recording process.

Select Recording Area in Lock Window


  • Make sure to turn off the functions of "Show mouse cursor", "Record mouse clicks and areas" so that the movement of your mouse will not be recorded.
  • Make sure not to minimize the recorded window, but you can multitask with other non-recorded programs.
  • The recorded videos can be saved in MP4, MOV, GIF, F4V, etc. You may go to Preference to select the format you need.

With the help of FonePaw Screen Recorder, you are able to capture a particular window even it is overlapped by other non-recorded programs. This will save you a lot of time and improve your work efficiency. Also, the FonePaw recorder can work as an audio recorder and snapshot tool. It is a multipurpose recorder. Download it to have a try. The trial version is for free.

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