How to Restore Lost Pictures from Android

By Emily Watson, Friday, April 14, 2017

"I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 with Android version 8. I deleted a folder called 'Storage' from my phone, which had all kinds of information like images. What can I do to recover deleted photos from Android?"

This is a common situation where Android users lost their photos. Are you one of them? If yes, you might have desperately deleted the folder so as to free up your Android phone. But you totally did not realize that you had lost some import stuffs at the same time.

Actually, when suffering from such a desperate thing, don't panic. You should stop using your Android phone at first and try means to get deleted files back.  you can get your images back with computer or without computer via the following methods. Please feel free to take your shots.

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Feasibility: Is It Possible to Retrieve Photos from Android?

You may wonder if photos have been deleted but not in trash folder, where are they. Though there is no a recycle bin nor a “Recently Deleted" album in iOS devices, it doesn't mean that your photos of precious moments are gone for good after inadvertent or mistaken deletions.

Whether stored in internal memory or external memory (SD Card), deleted data continue to exist in storage until new contents are added in place of them. (That's why one has to stop using mobile device after data loss.) Before being overwritten, deleted files just get invisible by users and inaccessible by normal tool.

To recover deleted photos, you have to perform 'Data Recovery' on your Android, which resorts to professional program or feasible workarounds. If you're in need of Android photo recovery, the following two methods are the ones you would not like to miss out.

Restore Android Photo

Method 1: How to Easily Recover Photos from Android with Computer?

FonePaw Android Data Recovery can help you get out of the tight spot where you lose your photos no matter accidentally or desperately. The program can help you quickly find out the deleted files and regain lost images from Android phone and tablets with several steps. It supports images in .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp, .webp, .tiff formats and more. And it fully compatible with most Android brands, for instance, Samsung Galaxy, HTC One, LG G, Sony Xperia, HUAWEI Mate, Xiaomi and so on.

Windows Version DownloadMac Version Download

Step 1. Connect Android to PC

Connect your Android phone to PC on the computer where FonePaw Android Data Recovery is opened. Make sure that you have enabled USB debugging on the Android phone so that it can be detected by the program.

Connect Your Android to PC

Step 2. Select File Types to Scan and Recover

When your Android device is connected, you can see the interface as the below screenshot shows. To retrieve deleted pictures from your Android device, select "Gallery" or "Picture Library" where your photos are saved. Click the button "Next" at the lower right corner to find deleted photos.

Select File Types to Scan Photos

Step 3. Allow the FonePaw Program to Scan

Go to your Android phone. There will be a dialogue asking whether to grant the program or not. Press "Allow/Grant/Authorize". After that, the program will successfully get permission to enter the phone and scan your pictures.

Allow the FonePaw Program to Scan Deleted Photos

Step 4. Preview and Restore Lost Photos from Android

The scanning process can take some time. But you can view the elapsed time and the progress. Please wait patiently. When the green progress bar is fully filled, the scan process ends. You are able to finish the process of how to get back deleted photos with "Recover" button.

Selectively Deleted Photos from Android Device

You can click "Gallery" or "Picture Library" at the left pane. This will expand the item and you can view the thumbnail. And with the registered version, you can preview its full size if you double click it. Deleted ones will be shown in red. Then mark the ones you want to restore. They will be retrieved and stored in your computer.


1. In Gallery, there are photos that are captured by the phone, transferred from PC or Bluetooth, and screenshots while in Picture Library are cache images.

2. Photos will be exported as .jpg and .png and they will be sorted by file types on your PC.

Method 2: How to Restore Photos through Gmail Account?

It's a workable idea trying to get images back from your Gmail account. This resort is for free and it's able to recover photos without computer and without root. However, only having synced photos to your Google account with Google Photos app can you restore deleted images. Please follow the onscreen instructions to get rid out this headache.

Note that photos will be removed from Google cloud after 60 days.

Step 1. Run "Google Photos"/"Photos" app on your Android.

Step 2. Tap on the "" icon at the left top of the interface.

Step 3. Select "Trash" option in the panel.

Step 4. Preview your deleted images.

Step 5. Select desired ones to "Restore" on Android.

Restore Photo Gmail

You have recovered all your lost photos from Android phone. Don't forget to back up pictures that are recovered just now on PC. To do this, just connect your Android phone to PC and copy the folder containing your Android device images to PC.

Windows Version DownloadMac Version Download


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    I spent the $60 to recover the 34 items in the Picture Library only to see weird shapes/icons as the. jpg photos. Can't it Recover photos after a factory reset since the photos didn't backup like they were suppose to on my Galaxy Note 2?

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