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How to Recover Deleted Contacts from SIM Card on Android

author Emily Watson
date Monday, October 11, 2021

Using a recovery application is the most convenient way to recover deleted contacts from SIM card. This article introduces a useful recovery software for Android – FonePaw Android Data Recovery, which enables users to recover, extract and back up data on Android.

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Double-check Contacts on SIM/memory Card or on Your Phone First

Contact is one of the most important parts of our phone and accidentally losing it can cause a lot of trouble. If you unfortunately encounter a situation where you cannot find all the contacts on your phone, do not panic. Double-check it first. See if it is because you accidentally pressed the wrong button or changed the setting that you should not change. If you are sure that you didn’t do anything wrong on your phone, reboot it, and see if your contacts are back. When you’ve rebooted your phone and find that your contacts are still missing, check the following guidance.

How to Recover Deleted Contacts from SIM Card

On Android phones, you can either save the contacts on your phone, or save them on SIM cards.

To recover deleted SIM card contacts on Android, using an Android data recovery application is the most convenient method. Here we introduce you a best Android data recovery application - FonePaw Android Data Recovery. It enables users to recover deleted contacts from SIM card on Android simply and effectively.

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This data recovery application can find out deleted contacts from both the SIM card and phone memory on Android. It can recover names, phone numbers, email addresses of contacts from Android. It supports over 6,000 Android phone models from Android 2.3 to Android 12.0, supporting various brands including Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Huawei, LG, Sony, Xiaomi… virtually all Android phone models are supported.

tips Note
  • You need to stop creating new contacts in case that new contacts may overwrite the deleted ones.

It takes only 4 steps to get your contacts from the SIM card.

STEP 1. Connect Android Phone to PC

Launch FonePaw Android Data Recovery on a computer and connect your Android phone to the computer with a USB cable.

Note: To get your Android phone detected by the computer, ensure that you have enabled the USB debugging on your Android phone

Detect Android Device

STEP 2. Choose Contacts Recovery

When the Android phone is recognized by the computer, you can choose the categories of the lost data that you want to recover. To recover deleted contacts on the SIM card, select Contacts and click the Next button.

Select Android Contacts to Scan

STEP 3. Allow the Program to Scan Contacts on Android SIM Card

The program needs permission to scan deleted phone numbers and others from your Android SIM card. Follow the instruction to install the FonePaw app on the phone.

Install FonePaw App

After the app is installed, it will ask for your permission to access contacts on your phone, tap Allow and click Scan Authorized Files. Then the program will be able to find lost contacts from the SIM card.

Scan Contacts After Authorizing

STEP 4. Preview and Recover Deleted Contacts from SIM Card on Android

After scanning, select Contacts, you can then view names, phone numbers, emails on the SIM card. If you can't find the deleted contacts in the results, click Deep Scan to search for the deleted contact items.

Preview Contacts in Standard Scan

After the deep scan is finished, select the phone number you want to restore, click Recover to get the lost contacts back.

tips Note
  • The Phone numbers show in red are which you have deleted.

Preview and Recover Contacts from Android SIM Card

All the recovered contacts will be stored on your computer as VCF/HTML. You can import the VCF files to your Android SIM card via Gmail, Outlook, or FonePaw DoTrans, a program that can directly add contacts to Android devices on the computer. Moreover, it can transfer contacts, photos, etc. from Android to Android, Android to iPhone, and more.

Contacts on DoTrans

How to Back up Contacts on Android

Whether you save contacts on phone internal memory or SD card, you should always back up important contacts on your phone. Generally, you have two options.

  1. Back up contacts on PC so that you can easily transfer your contacts to another phone when the SIM card is lost or the phone is broken. FonePaw Android Data Backup & Restore can help you create an encrypted or unencrypted backup of your contacts from SIM card and phone memory on a computer. It can also back up photos, videos, music, etc. on your phone.

Back up Android Contacts

  1. Sync contacts to your Gmail account so that you won't lose the contact information even if something goes wrong with your phone. Open Settings, make sure you have signed in to your Gmail account and the Contacts option is checked.

Restore Lost Contacts from SIM card via Google Contacts

You can retrieve your deleted contacts from SIM card on Android via Google Contacts if you have ever been synced the contacts with Google using your Gmail account.

Step 1. Click the link and open and then log in with your Gmail account used on your phone.

Step 2. Click on the Settings icon at the top-right corner of the screen. And then tap on the Undo changes.

Step 3. Select the time to retrieve your contacts to the state where you haven’t delete any of them.

Step 4.Tap on the Undo button, and now you can go to check whether the deleted contacts are restored or not.

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Causes for Contact Loss from SIM Card on Android

There are several reasons for contact loss from SIM Card on Android. Here we just list some of the most common ones of them:

  • Delete the contacts from your phone’s SIM/memory card accidently

  • The SIM card gets blocked

  • Perform the factory reset while the SIM card is still in the phone

  • Incomplete Android OS update

  • Hardware Crash

  • The SIM card gets damaged

  • Lost the SIM card

  • Virus or malware attacks

These are some of the causes for contacts loss on SIM/memory cards. But you don’t need to worry too much as we have mentioned above about how to recover deleted contacts from SIM card on Android. So, download the FonePaw Android Data Recovery now and follow the easy steps above to get back your contacts from SIM card.

Things to pay attention to when you need to recover deleted contacts from SIM card

If you have deleted the contacts saved on SIM/memory card of your Android phone, of course you can get them back in an easy way with FonePaw Android Data Recovery .

As when you delete the contact from SIM card, it doesn’t get deleted permanently, but the space of the contacts is marked as empty. So you still have a chance to retrieve the deleted contacts from SIM card as it only becomes invisible to you but still remains on your phone.

Hence, if you want to recover deleted contacts from SIM card on Android, then remember do not add any new contact or any other data on your phone after you deleted your important contacts accidently.


To sum up, this article introduces a convenient method to recover deleted contacts from SIM cards – using FonePaw Android Data Recovery. What’s more, phone users should always bear in mind that it is crucial to back up SIM card contacts, which can easily be achieved with the help of FonePaw Android Data Backup & Restore. Feel free to send us your user experience or suggestions for the software!

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