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How to Recover Deleted Notes on iPhone

By Emily Watson, Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Problems: I accidentally deleted an important note on my iPhone. Is there any way I can recover the deleted note on iPhone?

How to recover my lost notes from iPad? My notes just disappear suddenly. I need to get them back.

SolutionsThere are several ways for you to recover deleted/lost notes on iPhone/iPad. Firstly, you should check "Recently Deleted" folder on Notes app; secondly, you can find the deleted notes from iCloud/iTunes backup. If there is no backup, you can even retrieve deleted notes from iPhone/iPad without backup. I'll explain these solutions in detail.

Part 1: How to Recover Recently Deleted Notes on iPhone

When you accidentally delete a note, the first thing you should do is to check the "Recently Deleted" folder on the Notes app. The folder includes notes that were deleted in 30 days.

Recover Note from Recently Deleted

Step 1. Open the Notes app on iPhone

Step 2. Tap on "Recently Deleted" folder and find the deleted notes you want to get back. 

Step 3.Then tap on "Edit", tick the notes and choose "Move To". 

Step 4. Choose the targeted folder and the deleted notes will get back to the folder on iPhone.

If you couldn't find the notes in "Recently Deleted folder or your notes were missing after an update or reset,  you can try to retrieve the deleted notes with two other solutions.

Part 2: Restore Deleted Notes from iTunes/iCloud Backup Files

If you couldn't find the notes in "Recently Deleted" folder or your notes were missing after an update or reset, then you can try to get the deleted/disappeared notes back with a useful recovery tool - FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery, which enables you to recover deleted notes on iPhone X/Xs/8 Plus/7/7 Plus/SE/6s Plus/6s/6 Plus/6, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini. 

Here, iPhone data recovery gives you two ways to restore your deleted notes:

Let's download trial version of iPhone Data Recovery downloaded here and try the first solution first.


Step 1: Choose the "Recover from iTunes Backup File" option

Launch the program and choose  "Recover from iTunes Backup File" option on the left side.

Tip: You need to have made iCloud/iTunes backups before in order to use the method. If you have an iCloud backup, choose  "Recover from iCloud Backup File".

Option of Recovering from iTunes Backups

Step 2: Get notes from iPhone backup

Select an iPhone backup file with the deleted Notes that you need and click "Start Scan". The scanning process will be finished in a few seconds. And then, you can choose "Notes" in the left sidebar, and find the deleted notes you want back.

Scan iTunes Backup Files Quickly

Step 3: Retrieve deleted notes from backup

Choose any item you want and get back your lost notes to your computer through the button of "Recover". Please note that the recovered notes will be saved in an HTML file on your computer but not in your iPhone.

Restore Deleted Notes from iTunes Backups

Part 3: Retrieve Deleted Notes form iPhone (No Backup)

Step 1: Connect iPhone to the computer

If you don't have a backup, please connect your iPhone/iPad to the computer and run FonePaw software > move to iPhone Data Recovery to scan the deleted notes directly. You can select "Notes" and "Note Attachments" only to get started.

Choose Recover from iOS Device Directly

Step 2: Click "Start Scan"

The program will start to analyze your iPhone for the deleted notes after you click "Start Scan" button.

Start Scanning iPhone with Ease

Step 3: Preview and Retrieve Lost/Deleted iPhone Notes

After scanning, all your iPhone data will be listed orderly. You are allowed to preview them one by one, which includes notes, contacts, music, photos, bookmarks and more. Choose "Notes" to find the lost/deleted notes. In addition, it is available to edit your notes in the program. At last, click "Recover" button at the right corner of the bottom to get iPhone notes back on the computer.

Preview and Recover Notes from iPhone

iPhone Data Recovery also supports to restore iPhone data from iCloud backups with Apple ID. It can be retrieved not only disappeared/deleted notes, but contacts, text messages, pictures, movies, bookmarks, calendar, call history, and so on.

Trick: Encrypt and Restore Notes on iPhone

You can encrypt important notes on your iPhone to avoid your information being revealed to others.

  • Open "Notes" on iPhone, choose the note you want to encrypted;

  • Tap on the share button on the top right corner;

  •  Choose "Lock Note". If you have not set up a password in "Settings" > "Notes", you'll be asked to set up a new password.

  • If the password has been added, you'll need to enter the password and click the lock icon, then your note will be locked.

Tip: You can skip the password entering step in the second time when you encrypt multiple notes in a row.

Encrypt iPhone Note

To restore the locked notes, you may:

  • Tap on the note and choose "View Note";

  • Enter your passcode and the note can be viewed.

Tip: If you turn on "Use Touch ID" on "Settings" > "Notes", you may restore the locked note with a fingerprint.

Use Fingerprint to Restore Note

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