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How to Recover Call History on iPhone

By Emily Watson, Monday, Nov 03, 2014

Call history accompanies us every day. It can show us the list of incoming and outgoing call logs. The most important thing is that there is also a missed calls list. It is common for us to miss some calls in our busy daily life and we tend to think that the missed one is always important. However, you may lose your call history for various reasons.

  • Periodically erased to save space for your iPhone;

  • Lost after upgrading to iOS 11/10;

  • Call history missing after resetting for some unknown reasons;

  • ...

Here comes panic: I must miss an important call, but my iPhone "ate" the call history. How can I call back later?

Take it easy. FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery can help you.This program supports recovering call history from iPhone X/8/8 Plus, 7/7Plus/SE/6s/6s Plus/6/6Plus, iPhone 5s/5c/5 and iPhone 4s/4. It empowers you to preview all the calling records before recovery. There are three solutions for you to solve this problem. You can recover only the missing call logs from iTunes backup or iCloud backup you have made. If you haven't backed them up before, you can also restore them directly from your iPhone.

Now, please download the trial version of iPhone Data Recovery and install it on your computer.


Solution 1: How to Restore Call History from iTunes

Step 1: Click on the second recovery mode "Recover Data from iTunes Backup File"

Click on the second recovery mode "Recover Data from iTunes Backup File" and choose the backup file need to extract call history to scan.

Recover from iTunes Backup Files

Step 2: Start scan and try to extract

Select the one you want in all iTunes backup files which have been found and click "Start Scan" button to extract it.

Scanning the Deleted Data from iTunes Backups

Step 3: Preview and restore call history

Succeeding in scanning, you can also preview lost call history including name, phone, date, type and duration. Choose whatever you want and click "Recover" button to finish the recovery.

Recover Call History from Backups of iTunes

Solution 2: How to Restore Call History from iCloud

iCloud backup includes the calls you made, received and missed. Before you can restore the missed calls, recent calls or others from iCloud, please make sure you have enabled iCloud Drive and turned on iCloud backup before.

Step 1: Log in iCloud

At first, launch the program and choose "Recover from iCloud Backup File" at the left corner of the window. Apple ID and password are required to sign in iCloud.

Sign in Your iCloud Account

Step 2: Download and Export your iCloud backup

After entering your iCloud account, all iCloud backup files you have made will be presented, hit the files needed to restore and click "Download" to download it.

Select Your iCloud Backup File

Step 3: Preview and recover call history from iCloud

After extracting, you can have a preview now. Since there are so many categories here, you can choose "Call History" that you'd like to restore only to save time. Please remember to tick off any call history you need. Then, tap "Recover" button and wait the program save your data on computer.

Restore Your Call History from iCloud

Solution 3: How to Recover Call History from iPhone Directly

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to a PC or Mac

Please launch the program in your computer after installation. Then, connect your phone to the computer and choose "Recover from iOS Device".

Connect Your iOS Device to PC

Step 2: Click the "Start Scan"

Click the "Start Scan" option, the program will start to scan your iPhone for the deleted call history.

The Process of Scanning iPhone

Step 3: Preview and recover missed call log from your iPhone

After the scan, all your data will be listed orderly. Just go ahead to hit "Call History" to preview all your iPhone recorded items and selectively mark the ones you want to recover. Then, click the "Recover" from the bottom right corner of the interface to start the iPhone call history recovery.

Ready to Recover Call History from iPhone

Fun Fact: How Many Calls Does iPhone Call History Stored?

Many users may wonder how many calls is stored on iPhone and what is the oldest call history we could find on iPhone.

It is concluded that an iPhone running iOS 7 or earlier version store only 100 of the most recent calls. And since iOS 8, iPhone is able to store the full call history with over 1000 thousand calls. However, usually only the previous 100 records are visible to the users. If you erase some of the reconds, the older call records should be displayed.

Write in the end

If your call log is recently deleted without backup, Solution 3 is a more suitable method. If the iPhone is damaged or lost or have a backup, extracting iTunes or iCloud backup files with FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery should be extremely convenient.



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