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How to Get Ringtones on iPhone

By Emily Watson, Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2015

iPhone comes with dozens of quality ringtones. It is cool and funny to assign different ringtones for your various contacts. But there are times that you might want to use your favorite songs as your special ringtones. To do this, you can purchase iPhone ringtones from iTunes Store or Apple's ringtone store. However, if there are plenty of songs in your music library already, you do not have to pay money to get ringtone on iPhone. You can make your own iPhone ringtones with music files in your computer easily and quickly. All you need is just a tool like FonePaw iOS Transfer.

FonePaw iOS Transfer can help you add ringtones to iPhone with ease. You use it to transfer any audio files from computer to iPhone and then make your own ringtone list on iPhone. While transferring, this program can automatically convert the audio file formats like MP3 or WMV to M4R format file which is recognized as ringtone instead of song. All iPhone models including iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 5/5s/5c and iPhone 4/4s and more are supported by FonePaw program.

Download the trial version of this program to give it a shot.


Solution 1: Get Ringtones on iPhone Quickly

Solution 2: Add Ringtones to iPhone via iTunes

Solution 1: Get Ringtones on iPhone Quickly

Step 1. Run FonePaw iOS Transfer, and connect iPhone to PC

Download, install and run FonePaw iOS Transfer on computer. Then connect iPhone to PC with the USB cable. The program will recognize your device in seconds. And you will see the information of your iPhone including type, version, capacity, serial number and more display on the main interface.

Main Interface of Current Ringtones

Step 2. Get ringtones on iPhone

On the left column, you will see several categories such as "Media", "Playlist", and "Photos" etc. which you can preview the files by clicking on them one by one. For example, click on "Media" and then you will see all kinds media files are listed on the top of the interface. Select "Ringtones" and click on "Add" button, you can see the local folder where you keep the audio files. Then select the audio files you want and then click on "Open" to add them to your iPhone.

Add Ringtones into Your iPhone

Step 3. Set custom iPhone ringtone on iPhone

After you have successfully added your custom ringtone to iPhone, you can see all delivered custom ringtones display on the top of the ringtone list. And then go to "Settings" > "Sound" > "Ringtone" to select the ringtone.

Only three steps, you can make ringtone for iPhone according to your own preference. If you got a new iPhone 6s/iPhone 6s Plus, and you want to transfer ringtones from old iPhone to new iPhone, FonePaw iOS Transfer can do it for you as well. Besides putting ringtones on iPhone, it allows you to put other data such as video, songs, contacts etc. from computer to iPhone, or from iPhone to computer, or from iDevice to iDevice.


Solution 2: Add Ringtones to iPhone via iTunes

Step 1. Add Ringtones to iTunes

Launch iTunes on computer; get access to ringtones on iTunes by choosing "Tones" in content menu under the music play button. After choosing "Tones", ringtones on iTunes will be listed. If the ringtones that you like aren’t listed, click "File" and choose "Add File to Library" to add ringtones on computer to iTunes. If you would like to add all ringtones in one folder to iTunes, click "Add Folder to Library".

Add File to iTunes Library

Step 2. Add Ringtones on iTunes to iPhone

Plug your iPhone into computer via USB cable. iTunes will detect your phone automatically and the icon of your iPhone will appear next to the content menu. Click the icon and enter your iPhone.

After entering the iPhone, choose "Tones" in "Settings" list, on the main window, find "Sync Tones" and tick it. If you would like to add all ringtones on iTunes to iPhone, enable the option for "All tones"; otherwise, choose "Selected tones" and select tones you like from ringtones listed below. After choosing the right ringtones, click "Apply" on the bottom right of the screen, iTunes will then begin to add ringtones to your iPhone.

Sync Tones to iPhone


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