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How to Convert YouTube Video to AVI

By Emily Watson, Friday, Oct. 30, 2015

Every now and then, we get an email from our friends, families, coworkers or business partners with a link to a YouTube video of something interesting or important. Rather than saving that link, we may prefer to download the video from YouTube and save the video. However, some YouTube videos may won't play on your computer or potable devices naturally. Under this situation, you can convert YouTube to AVI, MP4, 3GP or more other popular formats.

Due to we've previously introduced how to convert YouTube online videos to MP4, let's focus on converting YouTube to AVI in this post.

To download YouTube videos and convert it to AVI, FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate can get this done in just a few steps: paste the link of the YouTube video you want to download, choose AVI as output format and click the "Convert" button. Its straight design and clear wizard operation make everything easy. Just download the program and have a try.


1. Launch YouTube to AVI program on your computer

After downloading, install and start FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate on your computer. If you have downloaded the YouTube videos you want to convert, click "Add File" to upload it onto the program. If not, switch to step 2.

Launch Video Converter Program

2. Download YouTube videos

Open Chrome (or Firefox, Safari) and visit YouTube website. Search for the videos you want to download. Copy the URL of the YouTube video you need and then click "Download" on the top menu of FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate. Paste the URL in to pop-up window, analyze it and click "OK" to download it.

Download Online YouTube Videos

3. Choose AVI as output format

When the YouTube video is added or downloaded successfully, click "Profile" and then "General Video" to select "H.264 AVI - Audio Video Interleaved (*.avi)", "DivX Video (*.avi)", or "XivD Video (*.avi)" as the output format from the drop-down list.

Choose AVI as Video Output Format

4. Start the video conversion

Once everything has been selected, click "Convert" button to begin the conversion. If you have several videos to convert, you could just have a coffee or take a nap and the conversion may have been finished when you come back.

Start Youtube to AVI Video Conversion

Have any questions about how to convert YouTube video to AVI files? Just leave us a comment below or email to us.



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