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How to Watch and Save Fortnite Replays

author Carrie Murray
date Friday, September 20, 2019

Fortnite replays save your best gameplay performance. However, the replay files can't be saved as video files by default. Here are some tips you can use. Also, FonePaw Screen Recorder can record Fornite replays and save them as videos.

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Epic Games provides an awesome replay system, which enables Fortnite players to save their best killsteaks and review the matches. The problem is that the system doesn't save the Fortnite replays as video files that you can watch any time you want; and what's worse, after each update, the replays get corrupted and unplayable. So how to save Fortnite replays permanently (opens new window) so that you can watch them outside of the replay system or upload them to YouTube?

This post is going to show you how to save a Fortnite replay as a video file.

Watch Fortnite Replays

To watch Fortnite replays, launch Fortnite in Epic Games launcher. Click the Career tab, select Replays, and the replays of all your recent matches are listed. Select the one you want to watch to play it.

Fortnite Replays

It's worth mentioning that on PC, the replay system automatically saves your last 100 matches as unsaved replays, which will be overwritten as you start new matches. To permanently save the Fortnite replays so that you can watch the matches even a couple of weeks later. You need to take the following steps to save the replays.

Save Fortnite Replays

Creator Epic Games enables us to save replays so that they won't be overwritten by the replays of new matches. To save a replay, open Fortnite, go to Career > Replays. Click the Rename and Save button on the bottom right corner. Rename the replay and save it.

Rename And Save Fortnite Replay

However, by renaming and saving the replay files on your computer or console, it doesn't mean that you can always watch the saved Fortnite replay. The replays that are recorded in the current version of Fortnite can not be played in the future version. That's why after updating Fortnite, you may find many replays on Fortnite are in red and become corrupted.

Also, replay videos are not actual video files. If you open the Fortnite replay folder(the replay folder path on PC: C drive > Users > AppData > Local > FortniteGames > Saved > Demo), you'll find the Fortnite match replays are saved in .replay format, which contains only game data without actual video information. Therefore, you won't be able to share Fortnite replays to a friend or upload them to YouTube.

Fortnite Replay Folder

Below is a way to permanently save Fortnite replays as MP4 files.

Export Fortnite Replays as MP4 Files

The only way to save a Fortnite replay as a video file is to record the replay with a screen recorder. Or, you can directly record your gameplay with the screen recorder without using the Epic Games replay system.

Here we use FonePaw Screen Recorder (opens new window), which can export Fortnite replays as MP4, FLV, MOV, WMV, GIF formats that you can easily save on PCs or share to YouTube. It saves Fortnite replays with sound, and with hardware acceleration, it can directly record Fortnite gameplay on PC (opens new window) to replace the Epic Games replay system.

FonePaw Screen Recorder is available on both Windows and Mac versions. Free download it to try.

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Video Guide: How to Record Gameplay Without Lag

Step 1: Open a match replay on Fortnite.

Step 2: Select a proper camera mode, action speed, and configure camera settings such as focus, exposure, aperture.

Play Fortnite Replays

Step 3: Run the FonePaw recorder, adjust the recording area to fit the replay window, enable the system sound, and click the Rec button to start.

Record Fortnite Replays

Step 4: Play the Fortnite replay. During the recording, you can use the annotation tool to highlight the best part.

Step 5: After you have recorded all you need from the replay, click the Rec button again.

By default, the Fortnite replays are recorded and saved as MP4 files. By clicking Preference > Output and select other video formats.

Upload Fortnite Replays to YouTube

After recording Fortnite replays with FonePaw Screen Recorder, you can then share the recorded MP4 files to YouTube, Vimeo, or other platforms. Before uploading the Fortnite match replays, you may want to edit the replay videos to make them look better to your audiences. FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate, a basic video tool that provides features to trim or combine videos, add audio to videos, add subtitles, and more, can make your Fortnite replays more fun. Read: How to Edit Videos on PC (opens new window).

Repair Corrupted Fortnite Replays

If a match replay is not working because it is corrupt, here is a trick that may help you fix it. However, the trick doesn't work for all users, moreover, some users found that opening the repaired replays crash the Epic Game Launcher. So you are using the following trick at your own risk.

Step 1: Download a hex editor on your computer.

Step 2: Run Fortnite and open Replays.

Step 3: A pop-up notification will tell you there are out of date replays and ask you to remove them. Click Decline. And remember the name of the replay you want to repair.

Step 4: Open a hex editor, click Files > Open, go to Fortnite replay folder(C drive > Users > AppData > Local > FortniteGames > Saved > Demo) to open a corrupted replay.

Open Corrupted Fortnite Replay

Step 5: The replay file will be open. On Column 02, find 43 and change it to 99. And then save the edited replay file back to the Fornite replay folder on C drive.

Repair Corrupted Fortnite Replays

Now open the replay lists on Fortnite. You'll find the edited replay file is now in blue and playable.

Tip: The best way to avoid corrupted replay files is to save the Fortnite replays to MP4 files with FonePaw Screen Recorder (opens new window).