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How to Edit Videos on Windows

By Carrie Murray, Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Windows 10, 8, 7 all come with video editing software. You can use the built-in Windows video editor to create and edit videos on Windows. In Windows 8,7, you can edit a video with Windows Movie Maker. Although in Windows 10 Movie Maker has been removed, Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is added with a hidden video editing capability in the Photos app.

If the video editing tool in the Windows 10 Photos app is too primitive to you, you can free download FawEditor, an easy-to-use video editing software with advanced features that allows even the beginners to make some stunning videos.

Edit Video in PawEditor for Windows 10, 8, 7

PawEditor can handle basic video editing in Windows as well as apply advanced features such as keyframe, transitions, effects, animation, filters.

Compatible with: Windows 10, 8, 7.


Start a Video Project

Open PawEditor. In the Project window, click New Project to start a project. In a project, you can add videos, audio files, images to create or edit a video.

Start A Video Project

Import Videos

After a project is created, you can access the main window. Double click the media library and select the needed videos, music, images to import to the project.

Import Video

Edit Videos

After dragging a video to a timeline track, there are multiple tools you can edit videos with.

Edit Video in Timeline

Clip: Split videos into different parts. To do that, drag the cursor on the point you want to separate the video, click the scissors icon.

Delete: Select the unneeded part and click the Delete icon to remove the part from the video.

Copy & paste: Select a video/audio clip or a photo and right click Copy to get a copy of it. Then click Paste to paste the selected clip or photo onto other position or track.

Edit: Click the Edit icon to access the Properties panel of a video, where you can change the video speed or mute it.

Resize & reposition: You can resize a video with Position, scale, rotate. You can even shrink a video to make a picture-in-picture effect.

Rotate: Rotate a video or picture any degree.


The effects library provides a variety of effects that you can apply to a video or audio clip. There are effects to blur a video, make a video play reverse, stabilize a shaky video, change voice to robot/alien, etc. The effects with the keyframe icon can be edited with keyframes.

Add Effects


A transition can help a video to smoothly switch from a part to another. There are 22 built-in transition animations in PawEditor. You can add custom photos to create your own transition.

Add Transition

Color Filters

With the color filters, you can apply basic color correction, such as adjusting contrast, brightness, saturation of a video, as well as choose filters from Sepia Tone, Retro to 3D LUT and more. Also, there is the Chroma Key effect to replace color and background.

Color Correction


You can click Text to insert the text of different styles, colors, fonts, sizes to videos to create titles and subtitles. You may drag the text to any position you like on the video.

Add Text

Edit Video in Windows 10 Photos App

The built-in video editing software in Windows 10 is the Photos app. Photos can not only organize the images on your Windows PC but also make simple videos and slideshows.

Compatible with: Windows 10.

Window 10 Photos

Create New Video

Run Photos on your PC. Click New video to create a new video project or an automatic video.

Create New Video

Make Automatic Video

You can select multiple items in the Photos library to create a video automatically. Click Automatic video and after ticking all videos and photos you need, click Create and name the video. Then a video will be created based on the selected videos and photos. 

Create New Automatic Video

You can view the new video and if you don't like it, click the blue Remix button to change the theme, music, speed, length of the video. Click Export or Share to save the video or click Edit Video to further edit the automatic video.

Remix Video

Edit Video

In a video project, there are multiple tools available for editing videos in Windows 10: Trim, Resize, Filters, Text, Motion, 3D effects, Background Music.


Click the Trim button. Then drag the blue pin icon to select the part of the video you want to keep. Click Done to trim off the unselected part.

Trim VIdeo


By clicking the Resize button, you get 2 options: Remove black bars, which will delete the black bars around a video; Shrink to fit, which will make a video smaller if it is too big for the project.

Resize Video in Windows 10 Photos


The Filters tool offers some Instagram-style filters that you can choose from.

Filters in Windows 10 Photos


The motion library is a variety of effects for a photo or video to zoom in, zoom out or pan in, pan out. The effects are more powerful when being applied on still images.

Motion in Windows 10 Photos

3D Effects

There are 3D effects with which you can add rain, balloons, bubble, fire, snowflakes, leaves, sparks, etc. to your video. The effects can be applied to a certain area of the video or the entire video.

3D Effects in Windows 10 Photos


You can create videos with text on Windows 10 Photos app. There are titles of different styles and layouts to choose from.

Add Text in Windows 10 Photos

Music & Voiceover

You can add background music with Photos' default music items or an imported music clip. Also, there is a Custom audio option for you to select a recorded audio clip to add to your video.

Add Music in Windows 10 Photos

Finish Video

If you have done editing the video project, click Finish video to save the video on your Windows 10 PC.

Edit Video in Windows Movie Maker

If you are still in Windows 8/7, you can access the default Windows video editing software: Movie Maker.

Compatible with: Windows 8/7, XP, Vista.

Add Photos and Videos

In the Movie Maker, click the Add Photos and videos button to select the items you want to edit. The videos and photos appear in the timeline. You may reorder the videos and photos to organize your contents.

Add Photos and Videos

Edit Videos

Select a video clip. Click the Edit tab to access the video editing panel, from which you can split, trim, speed up/slow down, shorten, mute videos.

Edit Video in Windows Movie Maker

Add Animations

Animations in Movie Maker are transition effects that you can apply to selected clips or all of them. The duration of the animations is adjustable.

Add Animations in Windows Movie Maker

Text Tools

Click Title or Caption and you can add text to the working video. There are text tools that can adjust the fonts, sizes, colors, transparency, duration, outline styles of the text. Transition animations can also be applied to the text.

Text Tools in Windows Movie Maker

Visual Effects

Visual effects are filters to change the color of the video clips. There are 4 types of filters: artist, cinematic, black & white, mirror to choose from.

Add Music

If you would like to have background music in your video. Click Add music > Add music from PC to select the music clip you need. You can set the starting and ending point of the music in your video.

Windows Movie Maker Add Music

Record Narration

Click the Record Narration button. You can then record a voice over for your video. When you are finished, click the Stop button to save the narration in the video as well as your computer.


These are the most easy-to-use video editing software for Windows 10/8/7. If you don't want to download an additional program, use the built-in video editor(Photos in Windows 10 and Movie Maker for Windows 7/8). As the Photos and Movie Maker can handle the basic video editing tasks, if you would like to access advanced features, such as adding keyframes, color correction, voice changer, get PawEditor on your Windows computer.


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