How to Record FaceTime Calls on iPhone and Mac

author Emily Watson
date Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Updated on July 10, 2018: Added a method to record FaceTime Call on Mac.

You may not bother to record FaceTime calls when you interview someone, or have an important meeting because you thought it would be difficult. Actually, it is very easy to record both FaceTime video and audio calls on iPhone and Mac in the following methods.

Record FaceTime Calls on iPhone

FonePaw ScreenMo (opens new window) is a good choice to mirror and record the iPhone screen on your computer. Having the aid of native Airplay in iOS products, it records FaceTime calls on iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 7/7 Plus, 8/8 Plus, X (iOS 11 has built-in screen recorder.) without using wire or other help, and thus the convenience has been largely improved. Also, the sensitive mirroring and HD recording are preferred by many users. Let’s see how FonePaw iOS Screen Recorder records FaceTime calls on iPhone in a few clicks.

Step 1: Have your FaceTime call on your iPhone ready and open the recorder on your computer. It is worth mentioning that the iPhone and the computer should connect with the same Wi-Fi.

Step 2: Swipe up to open Control Center on your phone, tap Screen Mirroring and connect it with FonePaw iOS Screen Recorder

Step 3: Having connected successfully, your iPhone screen is right on the computer. Click the red button to start recording the video call and click the microphone beside the button to record sounds. Now start your call!

Facetime Recorder Recording Screen

Step 4: Click the button again to stop recording, and export the video. You can set the video parameter and choose where to save it in the new pop-up window.

Record FaceTime Calls on Mac

# Method 1. Capture Mac Screen with Mirroring to Windows

The ScreenMo recorder mentioned above can also record FaceTime calls on Mac. If you want to display a FaceTime call to a bigger screen of Windows PC or projector as well as record the video call, the recorder can give you a hand.

(1) Put your Mac and PC on the same Wi-Fi network and run the recorder on your Win PC.

(2) Have FaceTime call ready on your Mac. Click the monitor-like button on the top right corner of menu bar to airplay Mac screen to the Windows PC.

(3)The screen of Mac will be on the screen of your PC. Now start to record your FaceTime call on Mac.

# Method 2. Record FaceTime Calls on Mac With Webcam

To keep your FaceTime chat history with friends, recording software will save it as a video, even though you chat with more than one person. FonePaw Screen Recorder for Mac (opens new window) enables you to capture WhatsApp video calls with internal audio and microphone on Mac.

  1. Install FonePaw Screen Recorder on Mac and launch it to start recording.

  1. Choose the region to record and turn on the webcam, set volume down/up. Then, begin recording when you start talking via FaceTime.

Turn on Webcam

  1. You can also take a screenshot when recording the call.

Recording Facetime Call on Mac

  1. Until your FaceTime call is over, you can press the Stop button and preview the video. Next, you can share with others or delete it.

Preview History

# Method 3. Record FaceTime Calls on Mac With QuickTime

The first part gives the solution to record a FaceTime Call on Mac with another computer, but most of you may just hope to record the call on the same MacBook or iMac. The built-in software of Mac, QuickTime, can be quick to realize the recording.

Step 1: Open FaceTime on MacBook or iMac, together with QuickTime.

Step 2: Hit File and the New Screen Recording of QuickTime. Then there is a new window, with a down arrow button along with a red recording button. Click the down arrow and choose the microphone type.

Use QuickTime to Record FaceTime Calls on Mac

Step 3: Click the red button to begin recording the video call,and click anywhere to record the whole screen, or drag to record a part of the screen.

QuickTime Choose Screen Recording Area

Step 4: Click the button on the menu bar to stop recording.

Step 5: The window to playback the FaceTime video will pop up thereafter. Review it and then save it by closing the window.

QuickTime Screen Recording File Saving

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