How to Transfer Videos from Computer to iPhone

By Emily Watson, Monday, Mar 09, 2015

Updated on May 09, 2017: Fixes some errors.

The long journey is boring. But watching a movie with iPhone X or iPhone 7/7 Plus during the journey sounds good. Many people want to transfer movies, TV Shows, and other videos on their computer to iPhone to enjoy these videos without the limitation of time and place. Now, the question is how to transfer videos from PC to iPhone.

Of course you can connect your iPhone and computer and sync videos to iPhone through iTunes. But it would be annoying if iTunes keeps popping up message which saying that the delete of old videos which come from other iTunes library will be deleted first. Email is also an option, but it takes long time and it has the size limitation.

FonePaw iOS Transfer is much simple and convenient. There is no size limitation and you can transfer new videos from computer to iPhone without needing to delete the old ones. This lets you transfer videos/movies from computer to iPhone without using iTunes. Also, without needing any file format converter, it will automatically convert the incompatible video files to the formats which are compatible with your iPhone.

Download the trial version of FonePaw iOS Transfer and have a try.

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Solution 1: Transfer Videos from PC to iPhone Directly

Solution 2: Move Videos from Computer to iPhone with iTunes

Solution 1:Transfer Videos from PC to iPhone Directly

1. Connect iPhone to your computer

Run FonePaw iOS Transfer on your computer and connect iPhone to computer via the USB cable. The software will quickly recognize your iPhone.

Run iOS Transfer and Connect iPhone via Cable

2. Transfer videos from computer to iPhone

Click "Media" in the left sidebar and then you can see the directories: Movies, Podcasts, TV Shows, Music Videos, iTunes U etc. on top of the window.  Select "Movies". If your Movie Library is empty, the software will offer an "Add File" button in the middle of the window to help you add video files from computer. Or you can click "Add > Add File/Add Folder" to add videos from PC to iPhone.

Note: When all videos are added to iPhone, you can open the "Video" app on your iPhone to watch them.

Add Videos from Your PC to iPhone

See, FonePaw iOS Transfer makes the video transfer easy to be done. This software can help you not only transfer videos from computer to iPhone but also transfer videos from iPhone to computer

Windows Version DownloadMac Version Download

Solution 2: Move Videos from Computer to iPhone with iTunes

Step1. Add videos in computer to iTunes

Start iTunes on your computer. Then, click "File" in top left corner of the screen and in the drop-down list. Choose either "Add File to Library" (adding one video to iTunes) or "Add Folder to Library" (adding all videos in one folder to iTunes) to add videos to iTunes.

Add Videos to iTunes Library

Step 2. Prepare to add video to iPhone

Connect your iPhone with PC via the USB cable, click on cell phone icon appearing beside Content Menu to enter your iPhone.

Connect iPhone

Step 3. Sync video from iTunes to iPhone

Click "Movies" under "Settings" on the left sidebar and tick "Sync Movies" appearing on the main window. Select what you want from videos listed below "Movies" or you can also tick the checkbox "Automatically include movies" to allow iTunes to select videos for you, either selecting all movies or most recent watched/unwatched videos. After choosing the right videos, click "Apply" underneath the window, iTunes will then start transferring videos that you want to your iPhone.

Sync Videos to iPhone


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  • paveldewilchmela

    This is importing videos into "Videos" but not to "Camera". I exported videos and pictures from old phone but cannot import videos back into new one. Am I missing something? Thank you.

    2015-03-10 20:27

  • FonePaw

    Hi Pavel, Thank you for supporting FonePaw iOS Transfer. At present, FonePaw iOS Transfer can help you transfer shot videos to the "Video" application on your iPhone, not "Photos" application. But if you need those shot videos in "Photos" app, you can follow this direction: 1. On your PC, send an email attached with the videos that you export from another phone to your Email account (log in this account on your iPhone's "Mail" app). 2. Then you can receive an email on your iPhone. Go to the inbox of "Mail" app, and open the email. 3. Tap video > tap the share button at the lower left corner > tap "Save Video", then your videos would appear in "Photos" app. Should you have any questions, please feel free to find the solutions at our FonePaw site.

    2015-03-10 20:27