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How to Transfer Photos from PC to iPhone

By Emily Watson, Tuesday, February 12, 2019

"How to transfer photos from computer to iPhone? I used to import photos from PC to iPhone 7 with iTunes. But it turns out that some of the useful pictures or other data get deleted and I cannot be able to get them back on my computer. So what should I do?"

Almost every digital camera in the business is equipped with a transfer utility for users to get pictures onto a computer. For iPhone users, iTunes is one of the options. However, some new iPhone users may find that iTunes is not so easy to manage their device, especially when they try to transfer photos from computer to iPhone. They need to pay attention to the transferring process since it might delete the existing pictures on their iPhone.

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Here in this article, I want to show you the way about how to import photos from computer to iPhone with or without iTunes. If the limits of importing photos from PC/Mac computer to iPhone with iTunes will not do any adverse impact on you, you can of cause use iTunes to transfer photos between PC and iPhone, otherwise, you are recommended to use a professional transferring tool to move photos from computer to an iPhone. Want to see more details, just scroll down and check!

Solution 1: Transfer Photos from PC to iPhone without iTunes

In order to have a better access to your iPhone data and avoid erasing data when using iTunes to sync your iPhone, you can count on FonePaw iOS Transfer, which enables you to transfer photos from PC to iPhone X/8/7/6S/6 or transfer photos from iPhone to computer, for example, if you want to transfer photos from iPhone to Windows 10. Below I will show you the step-by-step guide to transfer photos from computer to iPhone without iTunes.

Now you can get the trial version of FonePaw iOS Transfer and start to copy photos from computer to iPhone.

Note:During the 30 days' free trial period, you can copy unlimited photos from PC to iPhone for free.


1. Launch FonePaw iOS Transfer and Connect iPhone to PC

To start with, install and run FonePaw iOS Transfer on your computer and plug iPhone. Then you can see the interface as below.

FonePaw iOS Transfer interface

2. Transfer Photos from PC to iPhone

At the left side pane, choose "Photos" and pick the album you want to sync images, then click "Add" to sync photos from PC to iPhone. Here you can move some photos to existing albums or create a new album through FonePaw iOS Transfer. You can also put a album to iPhone as whole. In this way, you are able to download photos from computer to iPhone!

Transfer Photos from PC to iPhone

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Solution 2: Sync Pictures from Computer to iPhone Using iTunes

If it is totally fine for you to transfer photos from computer to iPhone with iTunes, you can follow the below steps to sync photos from computer to iPhone/iPad.

1. Preparation

iTunes couldn't sync photos to iPhone if "iCloud Photo Library" on the iPhone is functioning. Therefore, make sure that iCloud Photo Library is off on your iPhone: go to "Settings" on iPhone > get access to "iCloud" and find "Photos" > turn off "iCloud Photo Library."

Turn off iCloud Photo Library

2. Get the Synchronization Started

Open iTunes on computer and connect the computer with your iPhone by USB cable. After successfully connected, the iPhone’s icon will appear under play button in iTunes window and click the icon. After entering your iPhone, choose "Photos" under "Setting" list.

3. Syncing Photos to iPhone

After choosing "Photos", tick "Sync Photos" in main pane. Then choose photos that you want to have on iPhone by pressing "Choose Folder" button. Through the pop-up window, select folder that contains photos you want. If the folder that you selected contains more than one folder, you can copy either photos in all folders by choosing "All folders" or photos from some folders by choosing "Selected folders" and ticking the folders. After you have selected the right photos, click "Apply" and iTunes will begin to transfer photos from PC to your iPhone.

Sync Photo to iPhone

4. One Thing You Should Know about Syncing Photos with iTunes

Syncing photos to iPhone by iTunes sure is easy and handy. But the problem is: after photos are synced from computer to your iPhone this time, photos that previously were synced to your iPhone from other photos library or folders will be removed from your phone. Therefore, you should backup your iPhone photos previously. 

Nicely done! Transferring photos from PC to iPhone is a piece of cake by following the above steps. Thus far, FonePaw DoTrans supports all of the iPhone models such as iPhone X/8/7 and other older versions. If you also use iPad, you can sync photos to iPad or move photos from iPad to PC with FonePaw solution, too. So why not download the program and have a try to export photos from Windows to iPhone? 


 YouTube Video Tutorial: How to Transfer Photos from PC to iPhone

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