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How to Transfer Music from iPhone to iPad

By Emily Watson, Thursday, Apr 02, 2015

Both iPhone and iPad are great portable devices, so it is no wonder that some people bought both of them. When you get both, you may like to sync songs between them. Supposing you've got a lot of music on your iPhone and want to transfer them to an iPad, you cannot copy and paste them as computer users are so often to do. Also, iTunes doesn't allow you to transfer music from iPhone to iPad without sweating a lot. In this case, many users finally ask, "What is the easiest way to copy music from iPhone to iPad?"

FonePaw iOS Transfer is the answer. This software is capable of directly transferring music from iPhone to iPad, which may be even easier than copy-and-paste. With the help of FonePaw iOS Transfer, you can choose to transfer almost all important files, including contacts, videos, SMS messages, photos, music and playlists between iOS devices. You can even transfer PDF and ePub books easily.

Now, you can download this iOS Transfer tool on your PC and have a try.


Note: All iPads and iPhones running iOS 10, iOS 9, iOS 8, iOS 7, and iOS 6 are compatible with FonePaw iOS Transfer.

Transfer Music from iPhone to iPad Pro/Air/mini

1. Launch the program

After downloading iOS Transfer software on your computer, you should run it by double-clicking the icon on your PC desktop.

2. Connect both iPhone and iPad to the computer

Now, connect both your iPhone and iPad to the computer with two USB cables. Then, you can preview all file categories including Media, Playlists, Photos, Contacts, Books and SMS.

Connect Both iPhone and iPad to Your PC

3. Copy Music from iPhone to iPad

To copy songs to iPad, first you should click "Media", the tab under your iPhone. Then, click "Music" at the top line. Next, select songs that you want to export to your iPad. If necessary, you can ID3 info (name, artist, year, album and others) of the songs.  Also, playing music is supported.
Finally click "Export to" and in the drop-down list, choose to export to your iPad.

Transfer Songs, Music from iPhone to iPad

FonePaw iOS Transfer is a great iPhone/iPad/iPod files manager. Unlike iTunes which ties one device to one iTunes library, FonePaw iOS Transfer is not tied to any specific library or device. With it, you are allowed to transfer music between any computer and any iOS device without iTunes – preventing the overwriting (and deleting) of existing music tracks. If you are interested in it, why not download it right away.



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