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How to Sync Music from iPhone to iTunes

By Emily Watson, Friday, Sept. 25, 2015

As we know, iTunes can only sync music in one way – from iTunes to iPhone. But on some of occasions, we need to sync music from iPhone to iTunes. For example, you may have some terrific songs on your iPhone that was downloaded from internet or imported from CDs that you want to sync to iTunes as a backup. Or your computer crashed and you lose your iTunes library, so you need to sync iPhone to iTunes to reinstall it.

Clearly, iTunes cannot help us on these occasions. Then, how to sync iPhone music to iTunes?

FonePaw iOS Transfer is an excellent iTunes alternative which allows iOS users to transfer and sync music from iPhone to iTunes library. All songs on your iPhone can be transferred to iTunes by going to Media > Music > Export to > Export to iTunes Library.

Now, free download the trial version of the program see how it works.


1. Install FonePaw iOS Transfer program and connect iPhone to PC

Download and install the program on your PC. Then, connect iPhone to the computer via USB cable. This application will automatically recognized the device and show its information.

Connect iPhone to PC via USB

2. Sync iPhone music to iTunes library

When the device is detected, click "Media" in the left sidebar. Then, Find "Music" on the top toolbar. Just select the music files you want, then, click "Export to" > "Export to iTunes Library" to sync music to iTunes.

Tips: The built-in powerful "search" function is available if there are larger numbers of songs stored in your iPhone.

Sync iPhone Music to iTunes Library

Note: If you have moved the iTunes library from the default C drive to other hard drive, you can't directly sync your songs to iTunes. You can copy the music from iPhone to computer first, then drag and drop those exported music iTunes.

More about FonePaw iOS Transfer

• Transfer music, playlist, audio books, TV shows, music videos, podcast, voice memos and more form iPhone to iTunes.

Transfer music from iTunes to iPhone, iPad, iPod.

• If you get a new computer, it helps you restore iTunes library.

• Transfer music from iPhone, iPad or iPod to iTunes.



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