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How to Transfer Photos from iPad to Android

By Emily Watson, Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2015

Last updated: March 16, 2018 

Summary: This post is about how to transfer photos from Android to iPad in an easy and convenient way. You don't have to go through any complicated steps. Let's see how to transfer files from iPad/iPhone to Android in details.

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How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android Phone

How to Transfer Photos from Android to iPhone

With vivid Super AMOLED screens, 32GB storage plus an additional 128GB with the microSD card, the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is ready for work, play and everything in between. And it is convenient to buy it at the online shop. And the next step is to transfer some important files (photos for example) from the old iPad to new Android tablet. But it seems a formidable task to do that especially when devices respectively work on different OS. Actually, FonePaw Mobile Transfer can help you achieve the goal.

With FonePaw Mobile Transfer, a good-to-use phone to phone transfer software, you can effortlessly transfer photos from iPad to Android. The highpoint of this program resides in its ability to transfer photos by one click. You can select the specific file types to copy. Photos in .jpg, .png format, etc. can be transferred. The program is compatible for multiple OS, including iOS and Android.


After you download and install the photo Transfer app on your computer, you can follow the steps below to move photos from iOS to Android. 

Step 1. Connect iPad and Android to PC

Open FonePaw Mobile Transfer on an available Windows computer. Currently there is no device detected. Please connect the source device (iPad) and target device (Android) to the computer. And you can click the button "Switch" to exchange their places.

Note: Install iTunes on your PC before using FonePaw Mobile Transfer.

Install iTunes and Connect iPad and Android Device

Step 2. Choose File Types to Copy

When both devices are detected, you can choose file types in the gray field to copy. Mark "Photos". This will enable the program to clone your image files in the iPad only so that it costs less time.

Select Photos of iPad Files to Transfer

Step 3. Transfer Pictures from iPad to Android

After choosing file types to scan, click the button "Start Transfer". The program will instantly copy photos/pictures from iPad to Android. When the software is copying data, please wait. You can view the file status in the task table.

The Process about Transferring iPad Photos to Android

When the transfer process is completed, click the "OK" button. Go to your Android, you can find all the iPhone photos there.

Check Photos onto Android

Tips: Except the above method, you can also try to transfer photos from iPad to Android via Bluetooth, a free phone to phone transfer for the task. But it take times and is difficult for users to organize the data. 

That's all about it. When switching from iPad to Android or sharing iPad files with a person who owns an Android, you can use FonePaw Mobile Transfer. Refer to the user guide and see how the program performs.



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