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How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on Sony Xperia XA/XZ

By Emily Watson, Thursday, April 26, 2018

There is no doubt that lots of people using Sony Xperia are loving its camera, especially Xperia X Series. You can capture many clear pictures and share with friends by Message App. In the Message app, you are allowed to send pictures, stickers, and texts to your family, friends, or business partners. Once the message contents get lost, some important records will be gone. The text message may be more significant than the attachments (photos, videos, etc.) since the media files are usually saved on the phone gallery while texts only exist on Message app. Actually, it is not difficult to recover the deleted text messages on Sony Xperia XZ/XA.

People Also Ask:

Firstly, get a Sony Xperia recovery tool from Google or forums. FonePaw Android Data Recovery is well worth trying. It allows Xperia users to retrieve multiple files from Android. SMS is one of them. The program will scan and specify the lost messages. So you can select and recover what they want. No matter you use Sony Xperia X Compact, XZ1, XZ Premium, Z5, Z4, Z3, Z2, M2, or Z1, you can easily retrieve the deleted text messages of Sony.


Things You'll Need:

  1. • FonePaw Android Data Recovery

  2. • Your Sony Xperia phone, like XZ2/XZ Premium/XZ1 Compact/Z5...

  3. • Windows PC (Mac is also available)

  4. • USB cable

5-Minute Guide for Sony Xperia SMS Recovery

Step 1. Open USB Debugging on the Phone

Get preparation for the recovery. Before starting, go to your Android phone and follow the steps to open USB debugging: 

Enter "Settings" > Click "About Phone" > Tap "Build number" for several times until getting a note "You are under developer mode" > Back to "Settings" > Click "Developer options" > Check "USB debugging".

Open USB Debugging on Sony Xperia

Step 2. Plug Sony Xperia XA/XZ into PC

Match your Android phone to the computer via USB cable. As you have turned on the USB debugging, the computer will automatically detect your phone.

Plug Sony Xperia Z3 into PC

Step 3. Set to Scan "Messages" on Sony

When the screen shows as below, you can choose file types to scan. Select "Messages" from the menu. Then hit the "Next" button and move on.

Set to Scan Messages on Android

Step 4. Grant the Software to Access Sony Mobile

The program will ask to get permission to access the Android phone. Turn on your mobile. When you get the prompt as below, please hit "Allow/Grant/Authorize". Then the software will start to scan data in the phone.

Grant the Software to Access Sony Xperia

Step 5. Retrieve Deleted Text Messages from Sony Xperia 

Select "Messages" from the left list. Detailed content including text, sent and received time, contact's name, and phone numbers are displayed. Preview before recovery. Then selectively tick the ones you want and press "Recover". They will be saved on your phone in CSV/HTML format.

Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on Sony Xperia Z3

Any Troubles in Recovery Process? Check Here

1. My Sony cannot be detected when connecting to PC.

  • Please delete your current program and then reinstall the latest program from the official site.

  • Check whether you have successfully set up debugging.

  • Connect your device to your computer via USB cable and drag down the dropdown menu. Then choose "MTP" mode or "PTP" mode.

  • Remove other USB devices that are attached to the computer, as they may be conflicting with the device you wish to recover from.

  • Change another USB cable to re-plug the device into PC.

  • Make sure the right driver installed in your computer. If not, downalod it.

2. I cannot find what I want and just part of the messages can be scanned out.

There are only two possibilities here:

  • As FonePaw for Android analyzes your Sony, you may choose "Continue Scanning" not "Advanced Root" to scan. Thus, select the other option to scan data in a deeper level after your phone rooting to present more lost files.

  • If you tried Advanced Root but still get what you want, the reason is that the deleted data is overwritten by the new data. Thus, the program only can display those data not being covered.

3. The program asks me to root my device, can I restore deleted messages without root?

Without root, the program will still scan your device to find the files. For further scanning, root will let the Sony Xperia recovery tool go fluently to recover the deleted messages for you. You may worry about root since there are some disadvantages about it. Actually, if you root in the correct way, it is not risk. Anyway, we will suggest you try recovery with no root firstly and once it doesn't work, back up Sony Xperia and try to root with the right app.

Now do you know how to retrieve deleted SMS messages? I guess your answer is a big yes. Maybe frequently backing up your important data is a good thing. Every time you delete your phone data, think before you act. When you are going to factory reset or format your Android mobile, back up files via FonePaw Android Data Recovery by recovering and exporting them to the PC firstly.



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