How to Recover Call History on Android

By Emily Watson, Thursday, April 26, 2018

HELP: "Anyone can tell me how to recover call history on Android? On my HTC One, I went to 'Phone' > 'CALL HISTORY' > menu button (the three-dot) > "Remove call history". I want to mark those I wanted to remove. However, I highlighted an important and had not added to the contact book one mistakenly. And then I selected 'DELETE' > 'OK'. Finally, I lost that important phone number."

That's the case of an Android user Alan. Well, it is really awful. But just take it easy. FonePaw Android Data Recovery now provides a prompt and viable solution as follows:

Stop using your Android phone. Download and install FonePaw Android Data Recovery. The program fully supports most popular Android brands running on Android 2.1 to Android 8.0. Just download it. And don't worry about any complex operations. FonePaw program is so easy-to-use that even a probie can understand the procedure easily. After few clicks, the program will retrieve call history on Android and store them on your computer.


Concrete Steps that Leads to Simple Android Call History Recovery

Step 1. Connect Android Phone to PC

First, connect your Android phone to the Windows computer using a USB cable. The computer will automatically recognize and detect your Android phone if you have enabled the USB debugging before.

Connect Android Phone to PC

Step 2. Select a File Type – Call Logs to Scan

When you see the interface as below, highlight the box followed by "Call logs". Then click the "Next" button. The program will scan and find out all the call history in your Android phone.

Select Call History to Scan

Step 3. Tap on "Allow/Grant/Authorize" on Phone

FonePaw Android Data Recovery will be in attempt to access your phone. Go to your phone. When there is a pop up as the screenshot shows, hit "Allow/Grant/Authorize". The program will have privilege to scan call logs on the phone.

Tap Allow to Access Android Device

Step 4. Select and Recover Call History on Android

Select "Call logs" at the left pane. Then you can preview them in the table. You can read details like phone number, contact's name, called time, and call types (outgoing call, missed call, incoming call, etc.).

Select and Recover Call History on Android

Note: When you can only find the exising data and the filter is empty, you should turn back to the analyzing step to check which option you have selected, Continue Scanning or Advanced Root? Choose the other one that you haven't selected before to scan again. Advanced option will scan your files in a deep level.

When you can find part of the deleted files and some of them can not be seen, they may be covered by the newly-written data. Thus, here suggest you stop using your device after data is lost.

Feedback of Using FonePaw Data Recovery

"How easy and effective it is! Thanks for FonePaw Android Data Recovery. I can get back the important call record of Android that is previously deleted from the call log list. Amazing."

This is the feedback from Alan, who is just one of the fans of FonePaw Android Data Recovery. The program has accumulated a big group of supporters since it had released to the public for the first time.

"Besides call logs, I have tried to restore deleted contacts from Android. Done!" Alan added. If you want to have an own experience, just download and have a trial.


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