Android File Transfer Windows: Transfer Files from Android to PC

author Carrie Murray
date Monday, January 20, 2020

Transferring files from Android phone to PC is easy and there are several ways for you to do this. This post concludes 5 ways to transfer files (photos, videos, documents, etc.) from Android phone to Windows computer. You can choose to use USB cable or send files to a PC without cable. There are a variety of methods to transfer files between mobile phones and computers. Just choose the one that best fits your needs.

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1. Transfer Files from Android to PC Using USB Cable

I believe most people know that we can transfer files from Android to a computer by using a cable to connect the phone and computer together. After plugging the Android phone to the USB port via cable, there will be a notification about the USB connection on your Android phone. On the phone, you should tap the notification and choose the USB connection for File Transfer rather than Charging.

Select Files Transfer on Android

After connecting to PC on MTP mode, your phone is treated as a drive in the PC which you can browse and move files in "This PC" or "My Computer".

However, the problem is that you will get lost when you open your phone memory space on the computer because there are numerous folders and system or configuration files you don't recognize. In the complex hierarchical file folders, it is so difficult to find the files you need to transfer.

Fortunately, there is Android file transfer software that can organize files on your Android in a clear and type-based structure. FonePaw DoTrans (opens new window) is one of the best of its kind to help you transfer photos, videos, music, documents, contacts from Android to computer. It also supports files transfer from Android to Android, from Android to iPhone/iPad and more.

Transfer Files from Android to iPhone

Here is an example to show you how to quickly transfer files from Android phone to PC.

  • Download FonePaw DoTrans and install it.
  • Plug your smart phone to the USB port of PC.
  • Tap Transfer File option for USB connection.
  • Open DoTrans and you can see all Android files categorized on the left side by types, such as photos, music, video, and contacts.

Export Photos to PC

2. Transfer Files from Android to PC Using Bluetooth

Another method is to send files via Bluetooth. By using Bluetooth, you can get pictures and more from the phone to computer without a cable.

However, files transfer via Bluetooth may be slow or stop unexpectedly if you try to move loads of pictures from Android to PC. This method is suitable when there are a small number of files you want to transfer.

Before the actual files transferring, you need to pair your phone to the computer first. Below are the steps to do so:

Step 1: On your Android phone, go to Settings > Bluetooth and turn Bluetooth on. Besides, make sure that the option - Discoverable via Bluetooth - is turned on.

Step 2: On the PC, Go to Start > Settings > Bluetooth. On the interface, you can see a list of available Bluetooth devices and just select your android phone.

Step 3: Click the Pair button and there will be passwords respectively on your phone and PC. Compare two passwords carefully and click Yes or Okay if they match.

Step 4: After successful pairing, you can open any file on your phone and choose Share > via Bluetooth; then confirm the action by selecting the PC as the device you want to send files to.

Step 5: On PC, you will receive the file and it will ask you where to save; After selecting a location, the file will be downloaded from Android to PC.

Transfer Android Files via Bluetooth

Then you can go to the selected position to find the transferred Android files.

3. Transfer Files from Android to PC on Wi-Fi

If you don't want to use USB cable or have trouble in pairing your Android phone to computer using Bluetooth pairing, you can use Google Drive. This method is workable only when you have a fast network connection on both your phone and PC. If so, you can follow the below steps.

Step 1: Open the Play Store and install Google Drive on your Android.

Step 2: Open Google Drive on the phone and click the "+" icon to upload files or folders.

Upload Files from Android to Google Drive

Step 3: On your PC, you can either install Google Drive for Windows or go to Google Drive via any Browser to download the files or pictures from Android.

4. Import Files from Android to PC with SD card

If your Android phone has an SD card, you can put any file inside the SD card in the first place on your phone. Then you can eject the SD card on Android phone and use a card reader to view data in the SD card on your PC.

Remove SD Card on Android

If there is no SD card slot in your phone, you can connect your USB SD card reader to your phone using a USB OTG adapter since nowadays most Android devices support USB OTG.

5. Transfer Files From Android to PC without USB

If your smartphone has ES File Explorer, you can use one of its features: View on PC to move files from Android to PC. This method is very convenient you just need to move several files or photos from Android to PC.

Step 1: Open ES File Explorer.

Step 2: Tap the menu icon > Network > View on PC

Step 3: Toggle on the button to enable this function.

Step 4: Copy and paste the generated FTP address into the search bar of a web browser or File Explorer on your PC.

Step 5: Hit Enter to see the older structure of your Android device; right-click the file you want to transfer and choose Copy to Folder to get the Android files on computer.

View Android Files on PC

Transferring files from Android to PC using a USB cable is the most stable and speedy, but if you just send one or two photos, use Bluetooth or services such as Google Drive, ES File Explorer is also a good choice.

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