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Can I Retrieve an Uninstalled Program on Windows?

By Carrie Murray, Friday, June 08, 2018

We tend to delete the installed programs to free up storage space on computer. However, sometimes we may mistakenly uninstall the useful applications on Windows 10/8/7. In this way, some people are asking if it is possible to retrieve an uninstalled application from Windows computer. The answer would be YES. This post will show you two easily ways to restore and reinstall the deleted programs from Windows.

Method 1: Recover Uninstalled Programs with FonePaw Data Recovery

FonePaw Data Recovery is a third-party application that will help users recover lost files or data from your computer. If you uninstall a program on Windows, you can use the FonePaw Data Recovery software to find out its original .exe file and then install it again.

But you should always notice that once the deleted data of your uninstalled programs is overwritten by the new adding data on your computer, you can't be able to restore it anymore. So you should stop using your computer and try to perform the recovery as soon as possible.

In addition, you may also recover the related files such as photos, videos and so on from the program. Now, you can follow the below steps to recover uninstalled programs easily.

Step 1: Download and Install FonePaw Data Recovery

To begin with, you need to download and install FonePaw Data Recovery software on your computer. But you should note that it can't be downloaded and installed on the hard drive where you lost data, or the deleted files may be overwritten and you can't be able to get your program back anymore.


Step 2: Choose Data Type to Scan

Launch FonePaw Data Recovery on your Windows. On the homepage of the software, you can choose the data type to scan. Here you need to select "Others" (the lost .exe files can be found from this catalogue). And if you want to recover the files such as photos or videos created from your lost program, you can also choose their data types to scan. In most of the cases, users can get them back if they haven't been overwritten. Then also select the hard drive that stored your lost files and click on the "Scan" button.

Select Data Type to Scan

Step 3: Scan for Program Original Files

The software will perform a quick scan firstly, which takes only a few seconds. Then you can check the displaying files. If you can't find the ones you want, you can try a deep scan, which will help users find more data on computer.

Scan for Program Original Files

Step 4: Restore an Uninstalled Program on Windows

Choose the files you want to recover and click on the "Recover" button to get them back to Windows. Then you can reinstall the program with its .exe file.

Restore an Uninstalled Program

Method 2: Recover Uninstalled Programs with System Restore

System Restore is a built-in feature on Windows that will allow users to undo the removal of the data. You don't have to install any of the third-party software as it is included in the Windows operating system. System Restore allows you to restore your Windows installation back to its last working state. However, the newly installed program will also be undone and lost if you perform the System Restore, and your computer will be completely back to the working state you choose.

Now you can follow the below steps to retrieve the uninstalled program on your Windows 10/8/7.

Step 1: Hit Start and type "restore" in the searching bar, and then choose "Create a restore point". Click the "System Restore" button on the "System Protection" tab.

System Protection

Step 2: On the "Restore system files and settings" page, click "Next" to move on.

Step 3: Click the "Show more restore points" check box to view a list of previous restore points.

Step 4: Select the restore point you need and click "Scan for affected programs" to see what programs would be affected if you perform the restore. Then click "Close" button.

Affected Programs

Step 5: If you are totally fine with the affected programs and get ready to restore, click the restore point you want to use and then click "Next".

Step 6: Make sure you've selected the right restore point and click "Finish".

Step 7: Select "Yes" to start the system restore process and recover the uninstalled program. The process can take a while and you will see a message if it's all done!

But you should note that the System Restore is not enabled by default for any drives. If you never turn it on, you can't restore the uninstalled program with the System Restore. So you may go back to the method 1 and try FonePaw Data Recovery.


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