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How to Schedule and Automatically Record Screen and Audio

By Carrie Murray, Friday, October 19, 2018

With so many great streaming video and audio online, we don't have time for each one of them. If there is a interesting live stream or a internet radio program that you don't have time for, why not record them for later viewing or listening?

This post will introduce a screen & video recorder with timer, which allows you to schedule video or radio recording for the streaming video or audio that you like. You can use it to schedule and record live video from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, Facebook Live, YouTube and streaming audio from internet radio stations and more on PC and Mac.

Screen Recorder with Timer

The schedule video recording software introduced here is FonePaw Screen Recorder. It can record live streaming videos and any other screen activities on Windows and Mac with timer, providing two modes for scheduled video recording. You can either set the video length to let the video recording to end automatically or schedule a recording task for the recorder to automatically start and end recording.

The videos can be recorded with audio and saved as MP4, F4V, WMV, MOV, TS, AVI, GIF.


Set a timer to automatically stop video recording

With FonePaw Screen Recorder, you can start a video recording and don't have to wait up next to the computer to stop the recording. You can simply set a timer to auto stop recording.

Step 1 Open FonePaw Screen Recorder. Go to Video Recorder.

Video Recorder with Timer

Step 2 Click the first clock icon that says "Set record length". Enter the length of the streaming video that you are recording. If you want, tick "Shut down when stop recording", which will shut down the computer when the recording stops.

Automatically Stop Video Recording

Step 3 Adjust the blue dash line to fit the video playback window, turn on System Sound and turn off Microphone. You can also click Output Settings to customize the video format, quality, frame rate, etc.

Recording Output Settings

Step 4 When everything is ready, click Rec button to start video recording. The recording will automatically stop when the video is finished. You should make sure the computer is on during the the recording.

Recording Streaming Video

Schedule a video recording

FonePaw Screen Recorder can also automatically start and end video recording. It is perfect to record live videos, sport events and more.

Step 1 On Video Recorder, click the Task Schedule.

Step 2 Click Add New Task. Then you can enter the time to start and stop recording. It can even repeat the scheduled recording on a specific day. For example, if your favorite show is on every Wednesday, tick Repeat > Wednesday.

Schedule A Video Recording

Step 3 Click OK. When it is time, the recorder will automatically start recording.

Add New Recording Schedule


To make sure the recording can start automatically, do not shut down or lock the computer, or put the computer in sleep mode on the scheduled date and time. Make sure you have set the right recording area.

Scheduled Audio Recorder

FonePaw Screen Recorder is not only a video recorder with timer, but also a schedule audio recorder. To schedule a audio/radio recording is also very simple. The audio can be recorded in MP3, AAC, M4A, WMA.


Step 1 Open Audio Recorder.

Audio Recorder with Timer

Step 2 Toggle on System Sound. And if you need, you can turn on Microphone to record external sound recorded by Microphone.

Step 3 Click the clock icon and set the length of audio recording. Then the recorder will automatically end recording when the time is up.

Note: You can also click Task Schedule and set a new task to schedule a audio recording to start and stop automatically.

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