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[2 Ways] How to Burn A CD with Music from YouTube

By Carrie Murray, Tuesday, February 12, 2019

You can discover a lot of incredible music on YouTube. And you may want to make a CD from those YouTube music that you like so as to play them at a party or enjoy them in your free time.

To burn YouTube music to CD, there are generally 2 steps:

  • First, copy music from YouTube;

  • Second, convert YouTube music to CD.

This post will cover 2 methods that can complete the two steps. Both methods are workable and easy to operate.

Burn A CD from Youtube with Windows Media Player

The first method is to record music from YouTube and then burn the music to a CD with Windows Media Player.

FonePaw Audio Recorder can record songs and playlists from YouTube videos and YouTube Music streaming service and save the music to MP3, WMA, AAC, M4A files. The recorder can rip music from YouTube in high or even lossless quality. What's more, after recording YouTube music, the recorder enables you to trim the music files.

Trim Audio Files

Then, with Windows Media Player working as a YouTube to CD converter, make a CD with the music from YouTube.

1. Record Music From YouTube

Step 1 Download FonePaw Audio Recorder on your computer. Then run the recorder, turn on System Sound to get music from YouTube with your computer's audio device, while turn off microphone sound.

Download Download

FonePaw Audio Recorder

Step 2 Now play the music on YouTube and click Rec to start recording. According to the length of the music, you can set recording length for the recorder to stop recording automatically when the music ends.

Record Music from YouTube

Tip: Go to More Settings on the FonePaw recorder, you can configure the format and quality to record YouTube music.

Output Settings

2. Burn YouTube Music to A CD

Now you can insert a blank CD into your computer and start to burn a CD with the recorded YouTube music. Make sure the CD you inserted is CD-RW or DVD-RW, which means that it is writable.

Step 1 Open Windows Media Player. If you couldn't find it, search it with the search bar in the taskbar or from the All Apps list on the Start button.

Step 2 Click Burn. You'll see the CD you inserted. Drag the YouTube music files into the Burn list. Files such as MP3, AAC are supported. Every CD has an 80-minute playtime limit.

Burn CD with Windows Media Player

Step 3 After all the YouTube music is added, click the Options button on the top right corner and select Audio CD from the menu.

Windows Media Player Burn Options

Step 4 Click Start Burn to make a CD from YouTube music.

Burn A CD from Youtube with iTunes

The other way is to download music from YouTube and burn them to a CD.

You can download music from YouTube with This is an online video & audio downloader that can rip music from YouTube videos to MP3 in different quality.

After downloading the YouTube music or songs, you can burn a CD with the music using iTunes.

1. Download Music from YouTube

Step 1 Open the song or music you want to copy from YouTube. Copy the link of the music.

Step 2 Go to Paste the YouTube link you have copied into the blank and click Download. Click the MP3 category and there are different quality options you can choose from. The higher the quality, the bigger the file size.

Download Music from YouTube

Step 3 Select quality and click Download button beside it. Click Convert to get the music file downloaded from YouTube.

Download YouTube Music to MP3

2. Burn YouTube Songs to CD

Step 1 Insert a blank CD into your computer.

Step 2 Launch iTunes on your PC or Mac. Click Playlists and right click to add a new playlist.

Add New Playlist

Step 3 Add the YouTube music you have downloaded to the new playlist. Right-click on the new playlist and click Burn Playlist to Disc.

Burn Playlist to Disc on iTunes

Step 4 A new window will be open. For Disc Format, select Audio CD. You can also select the gap between each song and preferred speed. Click Burn when you have selected all you need.

iTunes will start to burn the selected YouTube music into the CD. You can see its progress with the progress bar on the top.

These are the 2 ways to burn a CD from YouTube music. Of course, you can combine the 2 ways together - for example, record the music from YouTube and then use iTunes to burn a CD if you are using a Mac computer; or download the YouTube music and burn the music to CD with Windows Media Player. Just go for the tools that work best for you.

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