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Download Twitch Streams/VODs/Clips in 4 Ways

By Carrie Murray, Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Are you a game lover and enjoy watching other people's game playing videos? Then you must really enjoy watching video on, too. Twitch has a lot of live game streaming, such as streaming live of Fortnite, League of Legends, Apex Legends.

However, a Twitch video will be automatically removed from the site 2 weeks or months later after it is broadcasted. You might want to download an amazing Twitch stream or VOD to keep it offline so that you can enjoy it whenever you want. Today, we are going to provide you a detailed Twitch video download tutorial. No matter what you need to download in Twitch - streams, video or clips - you can find your way in this article.

1. Download Twitch Streams

Download your broadcast

Twitch allows users to download the streams that they broadcasted. But if you're just a regular user account, the video you broadcasted will be removed from the platform server after two weeks. Therefore, follow the below steps for to save your Twitch streams before they are removed from.

Step 1 Make sure you connect to internet and log in your Twitch account. 

Step 2 Click the drop-down menu under your profile and select Dashboard button. 

Step 3 Select Settings from the Dashboard and tick Store past broadcasts under stream preferences. 

Save Past Broadcasts on Twitch

Step 4 Go to Twitch's main menu and find Video Manager option. You will see the thumbnails of all your videos. 

Step 5 Click the Download button beside the stream you want to save from Twitch.

Download Past Broadcasts from Twitch

Record Twitch streaming video

If you want save Twitch videos of other game players, you can use FonePaw Screen Recorder to record Twitch videos as you wish to view them offline.

FonePaw Screen Recorder supports the system sound recording, which ensures that the original audio in the Twitch stream can be saved in high quality. At the same time, you can also preset the Task Schedule, which lets recorder automatically record the Twitch streams for hours, while you do not have to wait for several hours in front of the computer until the end of the game video recording.

Once you've recorded, you can also trim the Twitch video to remove any clips you don't want.

Step 1 Download FonePaw Screen Recorder and launch it. Click Video Recorder button, and choose Custom Display for video recording.


Video Recorder

Step 2 Click the Setting button on the right top corner and turn off the mouse action display in the Settings. You don't want to show the mouse cursor in recording the Twitch streams. Disable Show mouse cursor or Record mouse clicks.

Mouse Action Settings

Step 3 Select video format and quality you want to save the Twitch streaming videos. 

Output Settings

  • Tip: The higher the quality, the larger the video size. Twitch stream may last for several hours or even more than a dozen hours long, so be careful if you select to record the Twitch video in high quality level, which may give you a video that is very large in size.

Step 4 Open the video you want to record on Twitch. Set up the recording area and make sure system sound is on. Turn off the microphone sound recording. Click on the Rec button and you can start recording.

Record Twitch Stream

  • Tip: You can also click Advanced Recorder and choose Lock and record window, which makes the recorder to record only contents of Twitch while ignoring the screen activities from other application.

Step 5 During the recording, you can customized the record length on the panel, which enables the FonePaw Screen Recorder end the recording automatically after your record finished. Then you don't need to wait in front of the computer for hours.

Set Recording Length for Twitch Stream

Step 6 When it is done, you can click Save to save the Twitch stream on your computer. 

Save Twitch Stream

2. Download Twitch Videos(VODs)

Download videos with Twitch Leecher

Twitch Leecher is a software designed specifically for Twitch video downloads, which is perfect to download on-demand videos from Twitch. You can download Twitch video by copying and pasting video urls. Here goes the guide for you to download Twitch Videos with Twitch Leecher.

Step 1 Open and select the video you want to download. Copy the URL of the video in the address bar. 

Search Twitch Video

Step 2 Open Twitch Leecher. (If you haven't downloaded the application on your computer, download it first.) Click the Downloads button. Open the URLs tab (the second one). 

Step 3 Paste the URL address you just copied. Click the Search button on the bottom. 

Step 4 After loading for a while, the interface will show the corresponding Twitch video it found. 

Download Twitch Video

Step 5 Click the Download button in the bottom right corner of the thumbnail image to select video quality, file storage path, etc. You can choose the starting time and ending time of your downloads. 

Step 6 Click the Download button at the top of the main menu.

It depends on the video time and your Internet speed on how long it takes you to download the Twitch videos, however normally the video time last for several hours which requires a user to have the patience for your downloading. If what you want is only to save some fabulous moments from the Twitch videos and upload them on YouTube or Instagram, FonePaw Screen Recorder may be a wise choice which enables to record a small clip from the Twitch video.

Save Twitch videos by removing player-overlay

If you prefer to download videos from Twitch without third-party application, here is a workaround that allows you to save Twitch video by removing player overlay on the Twitch videos.

Step 1 Remove Player-overlay from

If you are using an ad blocker on your browser, you can go to Settings, open adblock settings, click Advanced and find My filter list. Click Start writing my filter list button. And paste these two, and click Save.

Change Adblock Filter Settings

Tip: If you don't have an ad blocker, you can remove player-overlay in this way: open a Twitch video you want to save, right-click on it and select Inspect. Find player-overlay on the right side and delete it.

Delete Player Overlay

Step 2 Save Twitch Video

After removing player-overlay element, right-click on the Twitch video you want to download and you'll see the option: Save video as...

However, some users found that they save video option doesn't appear after removing Step 1, if so, you may record the Twitch video or use a Twitch video downloader.

3. Download Twitch Clips

If you only want to download clips from Twitch, you can also download by an online video downloader. By visiting the downloader, you don't have to download extra software on your computer.

  • Open Twitch and select the clips you want, copy the URL.

  • Visit an Twitch video downloader.

  • Paste the URL of the clips you just copied.

  • Click Download and the clips will be automatically saved to your default location.

Download Twitch Clips

These are the 4 ways to download Twitch streams, videos, and clips. You can choose the method suitable for your own needs. Hope it will be more convenient for you to watch video offline and share wonderful game moments with your friends.

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