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How to Download Pandora Songs to Computer, Android, iOS

By Carrie Murray, Thursday, October 11, 2018

Pandora is a popular music radio site providing massive free music tracks and automated music recommendation service only in US, Australia and New Zealand. Users are allowed to listen to free radio music online, but they can't download free music off Pandora. So how to listen to Pandora without internet? Can I listen to Pandora offline? In this post, we will show you how to download music from Pandora on PC, Android and iPhone in the following steps. 

Download Music from Pandora

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Download Music from Pandora to MP3/AAC on Computer

You can download music from Pandora with Google Chrome, Firefox using Pandora downloader extensions. However, these Pandora music downloaders are not stable and often stop working suddenly. If you want to download music from Pandora in a comparatively easy way, FonePaw Audio Recorder is the way to go.

It directly records music coming from your computer as well as external audio from microphone. It also supports schedule recording which can start and stop recording songs from Pandora automatically. Songs from Pandora can be recorded in various formats, including MP3, WMA, AAC, M4V files with high sound quality. In addition, it is also a video recorder, which can also record videos from Pandora.

FonePaw Audio Recorder Homepage

Step 1.Install and run FonePaw Screen Recorder.


Step 2. Click "Audio Recorder". To record songs from Pandora, toggle on System Sound and turn off "microphone" button so that you won't record external sound in the songs.

Pandora Audio Recorder

Step 3. Click the "Output Settings", which can decide how you would like to save the Pandora music. You can set the output format of Pandora music as MP3, AAC, or others and decide the quality of the recording.

Pandora Music Output Settings

Step 4. Log in Pandora on your PC, find the music that you want to download.

Pandora Radio Sign in

Step 5. When you are ready, play the songs in Pandora and click REC button on the right side to start recording. By default, there is a 3-second countdown before the recording. So you can hit Play button on Pandora during the countdown. After that, a window will appear. You can adjust the volume and by clicking the clock icon, you can decide the time length of the songs and let the recording to end automatically.

Set Recording Length

Step 6. When you want to stop the recording, simply click the rectangle icon. You could playback the recorded Pandora music in your computer.

Play Saved Pandora Music

Step 7. When it's done, click "Save" to save songs from Pandora.

Download Music from Pandora on Android

If you listen to Pandora Radio with Android phone, Here are two ways for you to download songs from Pandora on Android.

WAY 1: Download Songs with Pandora Premium Account 

Pandora Premium subscribers can enjoy exclusive features, including downloading the music you like for offline listening, on-demand listening, ad-free experience. So if you are a Pandora Plus user or a free user, open "Pandora Radio", upgrade your account to Premium. After that, you can easily download songs from Pandora.

Upgrade to Pandora Plus

WAY 2: Pandora Music Downloader for Android

PanDown is a free Pandora music downloader for Android. Follow the instructions to learn how to download songs from Pandora on Android directly. Firstly, install and open PanDown on your Android device. Play the songs you want to download. At the same time, you will see a music list on PanDown. And you will see a Download button for you to download the music. Next, click the Download button to start downloading.


Download Music from Pandora on iPhone

Since there is no Pandora songs downloader app on Apple App Store, to listen to Pandora offline, you have to upgrade your account to Premium or Plus. After that, you can turn on offline mode to download music from Pandora on iPhone.

Step 1. Ensure you have radio stations on Pandora. If you don't have one, take a few minutes to create one.

Step 2. Tap the three lines and go to Pandora's menu.

Step 3. At the bottom of the screen, you'll see an Offline Mode slider. Slide that bar to the right to turn on offline mode. The app will stay in offline mode until you put it back in the traditional mode.

Turn on Offline Mode on Pandora

Once you've done the above steps, Pandora will sync your top four stations onto your iPhone. So you can listen to the top four Pandora stations offline.

Hope you enjoy listening!

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