Bandicam Alternative for Mac - Best Free Screen Recorder 2021

author Carrie Murray
date Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Many Mac users are bothered by the lack of support of Bandicam for the Mac system. There is a perfect alternative screen recorder to Bandicam for Mac – FonePaw Screen Recorder. The program offers powerful functions that help you finish recording tasks on Mac.

"Bandicam looks nice on Windows. Is there Bandicam for Mac?" – From a Mac user

You might have noticed the name "Bandicam" on some screen recording videos or heard of its name from Windows users. It's such a powerful screen recorder that so many Mac users want to install Bandicam on Mac. Unfortunately, Bandicam is an exclusive Windows software; in another word, it is not available for Mac. It’s such a pity.

Since Bandicam doesn’t support the Mac system, how do you screen record on Mac? You need a screen recorder.

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The Best Alternative to Bandicam for Mac

Providing similar features as Bandicam, FonePaw Screen Recorder for Mac can easily record screen activities and webcam video with high quality on Mac system. Moreover, it is even easier to use than Bandicam, with a simplified interface.

# Gameplay recording

The screen recorder for Mac can simultaneously record your screen and your webcam to record your game. Like Bandicam, it enables users to record games on full screen or customized screen with or without webcam. Then you can share the recorded videos to YouTube, Vimeo, or any platform you like. Also, the FonePaw recorder allows you to record your voice via the microphone on Mac.

# Screen recording

Besides gameplay, you can record any other screen activity on your Mac with the system and microphone sound. And the recorder can also work as a snapshot tool, allowing you to take screenshots of your Mac. When the recording is done, it can output the video in the format of MP4, MOV, FLV, etc. of small size, so you will be able to share or play the videos on most devices/platforms - Mac, Vimeo, YouTube, iPhone, iPod, Windows, Android, etc.

Recording Screen Mac

# Webcam recording

FonePaw Screen Recorder supports webcam recording. So it is perfect to capture online video calls, such as FaceTime, Skype calls. Every precious moment with friends and families can be recorded.

Record Video Webcam

# Tutorial recording

For presenters, especially those who are going to show the app tutorials, the FonePaw recorder can add mouse clicks effects to highlight mouse cursors and clicks to help you better demonstrate the tutorial steps. Of course, it's also designed for those who need to make a presentation with PowerPoint.

In many respects, FonePaw Screen Recorder for Mac can be regarded as the best alternative to Bandicam. The most important part out of all its features is that it is very easy for everyone to use. The following part is the guidance on how to record a screen on Mac with FonePaw Screen Recorder.

How do You Record Screen on Mac

# Step 1: Install FonePaw Screen Recorder for Mac

# Step 2: Launch FonePaw Screen Recorder

Click Video Recorder to record Mac screen.

Mac Homepage

# Step 3: Select the Mac Screen Area to Record

Adjust the recording area or click one of the presets to select a recording screen.

Recording Region

# Step 4: Activate Webcam, Microphone, or Other Settings

Toggle on the webcam button. A webcam window will pop up that can capture your face. You can move the webcam window to any place you want.

Click the setting icon to enter Preference, you can access the settings to enable mouse click effects, set the output path and adjust frame rate/quality, hide the panel when recording if you like.

Recorder Preference

# Step 5: Recording Screen or Game on Mac

Click the REC button to start recording. When recording, click the pencil button to add annotations, drawings, texts, or arrows. By the way, the screenshot button works whether it is recording or not. Click the stop button to stop the recording.

# Step 6: Preview Recorded Videos

After recording, you can find the recorded video in the media manager by clicking the button at the top-right corner. Then you can share the videos to social media like YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch TV.

Save Recording

The reason why Bandicam is so popular is that it's powerful but newbie-friendly. As its best alternative for Mac, FonePaw Screen Recorder is also very rich-featured and user-friendly. It is a great software to record screen on Mac.

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