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How Long Does It Take for Google Drive to Process a Video?

author Carrie Murray
date Friday, February 23, 2024

Storing videos in Google Drive not only saves storage space on your computer and mobile phones but also allows you to access the videos across different devices. However, some users found it take forever to upload/download a video to/from Google Drive and Google Photos.

After hours of waiting, when trying to open or download the uploaded video in Google Drive, a few users get the error message that says: "We're processing this video. Please check back later."

Google Drive Processing Video

So how long does it take for Google Drive to process a video? And what do we do when Google Drive keeps processing video? Is there any way to speed up the video processing of Google Drive? Read on to find the answers.

What Does It Mean When Google Drive Is Processing a Video?

After a video is uploaded to Google Drive, it still needs to take another step before you can open or download it, which is processing.

By processing a video, it means that the video is converted to different formats, codecs, resolution so that it can be played on different devices. That's to say when Google Drive is processing a video, it is converting it. This also happens when you are uploading videos to other online services, such as YouTube.

How Long Does It Take for Google Drive Is Processing a Video?

There is no exact answer to how long it takes for Google Drive to process a video. Some said that it took a few minutes to upload a video, while others complained that their 50MB videos kept processing for weeks before they are available in full resolution on Google Drive.

How long it takes for Google Drive to process a video depend on several factors:

First, the video size. It is pretty obvious that it takes longer for Google Drive to process a video if the video is 1GB large. Also, it could take hours or days to process multiple large videos.

Second, the internet speed. Google Drive needs more time to process a video in a slow network connection.

Third, the processing capability of your device. Processing a large video is a heavy task for the processor of your phone or computer. If you are running multiple heavy tasks on your device simultaneously, it will take more time for Google Drive to finish processing the video.

Download from Google Drive

Therefore, to speed up the process, you can compress the large-sized videos before uploading them to Google Drive, avoid running or uploading multiple videos at the same time and ensure a fast internet connection on your device.

Fix Google Drive Processing Video Error

If your video is now stuck at processing and you can't download or open it on Google Drive, you can just wait for several days and check if there is any progress. If not, here are something you can try.

Share videos to other devices offline

It's hard to tell when Google Drive can finish processing your video. If you have the video locally on your device, why not sharing the videos offline?

Connect your Android or iPhone with your friend's device via USB cables and move the video between devices easily and quickly without internet connection required. You can even use the data transfer tool like FonePaw DoTrans, which can quickly move your video from Android to iPhone, from a mobile device to a PC, from phone to phone without limits. DoTrans can also help you share contacts, photos, files, messages and more among different devices (Windows, iOS, and Android). Download and get a free trial.

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Download processing videos from sharing link

When you get the video processing error on Google Drive and are unable to download the video, here is a workaround to get the processing video downloaded.

  • Go to Google Drive and select the processing video.
  • Click Share and create a link.
  • Open the link in a new tab. And when the processing video appears, click the three-dot menu icon and tap Download all.

Download Videos from Shareable Link

If a video keeps processing in Google Photos, you can pause the processing, tap Share on the bottom left and tap Save to My Drive to upload the video to Google Drive. Then download the video from Google Drive.

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