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Rotate MP4/MOV in High Speed and Quality

By Elsie Wesley, Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2017

MP4 and MOV are the two most commonly used video file formats. Developed by Apple, MOV is mostly used among Apple devices to save videos/movie. And MP4 is recommended as the preferred format for uploading video on sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo. There are two common situations that we need to rotate MP4/MOV video:

You take a MOV video vertically with iPhone. Then you want to watch it horizontally on the computer; You download a MP4 file from YouTube but it wasn't recorded in proper orientation.

To rotate MP4/MOV video, you are recommended to use FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate. The program can rotate MP4/MOV video clockwise or counterclockwise in 90 degrees as well as flip the video vertically or horizontally in high speed. And for online video, you can download the video directly on the program and then rotate it, which will save your precious time. Additionally, with its one-click video quality improving features, you can get the rotated video in high quality. Still wonder how the program works? Follow the below steps to have a try.

Rotate MP4/MOV with Video Converter Ultimate

1. Download Video Converter Ultimate

Click one of the following buttons to download Video Converter Ultimate on your computer. The left one is for PC running on Windows while the others for macOS system.


2. Add or Download MP4/MOV to the Program

Launch the program on your Win/Mac PC. If you have the MP4/MOV file on your PC, click "Add file" button to import the video to the program. If the MP4 or MOV video has not been downloaded, click the "Download" button and enter the URL to get the online video on your computer.

Add MP4/MOV File

Download Online Video

3. Rotate MP4/MOV in 90/180 Degrees

Click "Edit" and you'll see four rotating options: rotate the MP4/MOV files clockwise/counterclockwise in 90 degrees or flip the video horizontally/vertically in 180 degrees. Watch the output preview window as you select the rotating options. When the video is adjusted to the right orientation, click "Apply" to save the rotation.

Rotate Video

4. Improve MP4/MOV Video Quality (Optional)

After the rotation, if you find it necessary to improve the MP4 or MOV video quality, click "Video Enhance". You can upscale resolution, optimize brightness and contrast, remove noise or grain, reduce video shaking in one click. Click "Apply" to save you video enhancing result.

Improve Rotated MP4/MOV Quality

5. Convert Rotated Video in High Speed

Select the destination that you want to save the rotated MP4/MOV and click "Convert" button to convert and export the video. Wait until the converting progress bar reaches 100%. You wouldn't have to wait for a long time.

Select Destination Location

The newly rotated video will be saved as a new video file in the destination you choose. It will not overwrite the original movie.

MP4 VS MOV: What's the Difference?

Both MOV and MP4 apply lossy video compression approach to hold the videos, which makes the video much lighter in size. And the two formats have many differences.

If you are using iOS devices, e.g. iPhone/iPad/Mac, MOV is more recommendable since MOV was first designed by Apple for its QuickTime. Now other free media players like Windows media player, and Real Player also support MOV files. MP4 was developed later based on MOV and now becomes the industry standard. It has more widespread support than MOV. Therefore, if you use non-Apple devices or need to stream the video online to YouTube, Facebook, etc., MP4 is a better option.

Additionally, FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate can convert MP4 to MOV as well as convert MOV to MP4 so that you can save your video in different formats as you like.


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