Ultimate Guide to Fix a Bricked Android Phone

author Carrie Murray
date Wednesday, May 13, 2020

When your Android phone is unresponsive or frozen after flashing a ROM or rooting your Android phone, you are told that the phone is bricked. However, what does a bricked phone really means, and more importantly what to do to fix a bricked phone?

This guide is going to give you a full introduction of what a bricked phone is, why an Android phone gets bricked and how to fix bricked Android phone without data loss.

Part 1. What is a Bricked Phone: Soft Brick Or Hard Brick?

When you say a phone is bricked, it means that the phone won't boot properly and turns into a totally useless brick. There are two types of bricking: soft brick and hard brick.

# Soft Brick

Although the phone won't turn on properly, you can still see something after the phone boots up. In this way, your phone is soft-bricked. The followings are the common symptoms of a soft-bricked Android phone:

Soft Brick Android

# Hard Brick

If it is a hard brick, the phone won't turn on in any way or any form. You keep pressing the power button, but nothing happens. It seems like the phone is really dead. A hard brick rarely happens, but if unfortunately, it does, it leaves you no option but turns to repair service or go straight to your carrier's/manufacture's store.

Hard Brick Android

In nine cases out of ten, the bricked phone is experiencing a soft brick, which is fixable with software methods. Therefore, the method that we provide here will be effective for soft-bricked Android devices.

Part 2. Why Is Your Android Phone Bricked?

There are various reasons why your Android phone gets bricked. The method in this guide can work for phone that gets bricked in following situations:

  1. Flashing Stock/Custom ROM. It could be that you have installed an incompatible ROM in the Android phone, the phone powers off in the process, or other misoperations that cause your phone to restart endlessly, get stuck at startup screen.

  2. Rooting your Android phone. You fail to root the device properly.

  3. Updating Android firmware. The phone will also get bricked if it is interrupted when updating the Android firmware.

  4. Installing malicious software on your Android phone or get virus attacked.

Part 3. How to Fix a Bricked Android Phone Without Data Loss?

To fix a bricked phone, we here introduce FonePaw Broken Android Data Extraction (opens new window), a professional software that is capable of bringing bricked Android phone back to normal and recover data from a screen-broken cell phone .

Features Highlights

  • Powerful. The software can be used for fixing bricked, frozen, the system crashed Android phone and recovering data from a phone with broken/unresponsive screen.
  • Easy-to-use. The software enables you to unbrick an Android phone in a few clicks. It saves you much time and effort if you get overwhelmed by complicated DIY methods.
  • Support various models, including Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy Note, etc. More models of different brands will be supported.

Supported Android Devices:

Currently, Broken Android Data Extraction can only be applied to some of the Samsung devices. More models and brands will be supported in the near future. The followings are the supported models:

Samsung Galaxy Note: Note 3, Note 4, Note 5;

Samsung Galaxy S: S4, S5, S6;

Samsung Galaxy Tab: Tab Pro 10.1.

Specific Steps to Unbrick Android Phone

Step 1. Launch Broken Android Data Extraction (opens new window) on your Windows PC.

Step 2. To fix the bricked phone, connect the phone to your PC and click "Fix Device".

Broken Android Data Extraction Main Page

Step 3. You'll see options of five different situations: stuck in the startup screen, download mode, FonePaw interface, black screen, or others. Select the option that fits your situation and the program will provide solutions accordingly.

Broken Android Problems

Step 4. Unbrick Android Phone in Two Cases

Case 1: If you have chosen "Stuck in the Startup screen"/"Black screen"/"Other", select the device name and model of your phone from the drop-down list. And click "Confirm".

Android Device Name and Model

Then follow the instruction on the program to put your phone in Download mode. Then click "Start" to begin to unbrick the phone. The program will begin to download proper recovery package and repair the phone. Your phone will restart automatically and be back to normal.

Broken Android Enter Download Mode

Fix Phone Stuck in Startup Screen

Case 2: If you choose "Stuck in Download mode"/ "Stuck in FonePaw interface", just click "Next", the program will automatically reboot your device and get it out of the frozen screen.

Fix Phone Stuck in Download Mode

If your phone is not supported or the problem that you are facing is not covered by the program, please leave your message below or contact our support team at support@fonepaw.com via Email. We really appreciate your help in improving the product and will keep working on the product to provide you a more powerful solution to fix broken Android device.

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