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How to Recover Data after Factory Reset from Android Phone

author Emily Watson
date Tuesday, December 19, 2023

While factory resetting an Android phone is often a deliberate choice—whether to optimize storage, prepare for trade-in, or troubleshoot software issues—there are instances when it happens unexpectedly. A reset might occur accidentally, or, in some unfortunate cases, the Android system might initiate a reset without any apparent reason. This unpredictability can lead to the loss of all data on your device, highlighting the importance of understanding how to recover from such situations.

Regardless of whether you've backed up your data or not, uncovering effective methods to recover your data after a factory reset is crucial. In this post, we'll explore 4 proven techniques that go beyond the need for a backup. Whether it's photos, videos, contacts, messages, notes, or call history, our aim is to guide you in retrieving successfully.

For those who prefer a hands-on approach, here we also provide a visual walkthrough—offering a shortcut to understanding and implementing the process of reclaiming your lost Android data even after factory reset.

Can I Recover Data from Android After Factory Reset?

While undoing a factory reset might seem challenging, there's good news—recovering Android data post-reset is not only possible but also surprisingly convenient. You can effortlessly navigate through the recovery process, restoring crucial data like photos, contacts, videos, messages, and more via some third-party data recovery tools. Even if your data has been erased, there's still hope as long as it hasn't been overwritten by new information.

To enhance the success rate of Android data recovery after a factory reset, it's crucial to act promptly—the sooner you attempt the recovery, the better. Additionally, it's worth noting that restoring media data may pose more challenges compared to textual data. Moreover, if you've continued using your Android phone since the reset, the recovery process may become more difficult.

tips Tips:
  • To ensure a high recovery rate, please stop using your Android phone after the factory reset, otherwise the data may have been covered.

Method 1: Recover Android Data After Factory Reset without Backup

FonePaw Android Data Recovery is the optimal solution that has been winning hearts worldwide thanks to its high recovery rate. With its state-of-the-art technology, this amazing tool can drill down into Android local storage and recover deleted files from Android without backup if they're not yet overwritten. With a standard scan mode and a deep scan mode, you can go fast or go deep as you wish.

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More Remarkable Features to Explore

  • Support 100+ File Types - Include photos, videos, contacts, audio, call history, etc.
  • Fast Scanning Speed - Take seconds to dig out over 1,000 deleted or erased files.
  • Preview All Data - Look up all Android data in advance or filter out the deleted content.
  • Ease of Use - Require no expertise but follow the onscreen instructions to get it done.
  • Well Compatibility - Support all Android brands and Android 12/11/10/9/8/7/6/5.
  • Free to Start - Dig out your lost and deleted files for free before a paid restoration.

Recover Data After Factory Reset from Android Phone

Now, you may want to follow the tutorial below to learn how to recover Android data after factory reset without backup. That's just as easy as 1234 steps. Follow the instructions and don't miss out on this opportunity to reclaim your lost data!

STEP 1. To begin with, download and install FonePaw Android Data Recovery on Windows/Mac. Then, launch it and connect your Android to it. Please follow the instructions to enable USB debugging.

Connect Android to FonePaw and Enable USB Debugging

STEP 2. Select file types to scan. If you just want to recover Android photos after factory reset, you can just choose "Gallery" and "Picture Library" for faster scanning. Then, click "Next".

Select Photos to Restore after Factory Reset Android

STEP 3. Now, you should follow the instructions to install the FonePaw app. Then, run the app and authorize it to access certain types of files on Android.

Install the FonePaw App

STEP 4. Preview what's found on your Android and select the photos or other data you want to recover. Then, click "Recover" and choose a folder to save the files.

Recover Android Photos after Factory Reset

Method 2: Restore Android Data After Factory Reset with Official Backup

Android phone manufacturers also introduce their exlcusive data backup feature for users. This helps you recover lost Android files after factory reset by accident or on purpose. For example, Samsung allows users to back up call logs, messages, contacts, calendars, settings, voice recordings, and apps to the could server. However, you can not recover Android photos after factory reset via this method. Now, let's see how to restore data after factory reset.

  1. Launch "Settings" on your phone and go to "Accounts and backup".
  2. Select "Backup and restore" > "Restore data".
  3. Choose the latest backup file of your device and select the types of files to recover.
  4. Type the "Restore" button and it will start recovering data after factory reset on Android.

Official Backup Restore Data After Factory Reset

Method 3: Retrieve Android Data After Factory Reset with Google Backup

Nowadays, many Android phones have integrated Google backup into their functionality. Therefore, if you have backed up your Android to Google Drive with your Google account, you can restore data after factory reset. There are supported types of files like photos, videos, messages, call history, settings, and apps. Now, let's see how to retrieve your files below.

  1. When setting up your phone after a factory reset, tap "Skip this for now" if you're asked to bring your old data for quicker setup.
  2. Then, connect your phone to Wi-Fi and log in with your Google account.
  3. After confirming the terms of service, choose a backup to restore.
  4. Choose what data to restore and tap "Restore" to proceed.
  5. After you complete other settings, it'll recover Android data after factory reset.

Google Backup Restore Data After Factory Reset

Method 4: Recover Android Data After Factory Reset with SD Card

FonePaw Data Recovery is a tip-top program that enables you to restore data after factory reset from an SD card on Windows and Mac with ease. It supports a wide range of files including photos, videos, contacts, messages, audio, music, and so on. If you want to recover data after factory reset without backup, you can also consider directly scanning your SD card as follows to find out your files.

  1. Launch FonePaw Data Recovery after you download and install it.
  2. Insert your SD card into your computer and wait until it's detected.
  3. Choose the file types you want to get back and select your SD Card to scan.
  4. After that, preview all content and restore data after factory reset to the computer.

FonePaw Restore Data After Factory Reset from SD Card


So, how to recover data after factory reset on Android? To sum up, you can restore files from inbuilt backup or Google backup, but it may take quite a long time and it cannot select specific data to recover. If you want to recover data after factory reset without backup, then give it a shot at FonePaw Android Data Recovery.

Without going to the repair store, you can select file types to scan for free and preview the data to see if it's helpful. To prevent some worse cases, it's strongly recommended to back up your data on Android from time to time and before a factory reset.

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