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How to Transfer TV Shows from iPhone to iPhone

By Emily Watson, Friday, May 13, 2016

After you have bought a new iPhone SE/6s, what about the TV shows stored in your old iPhone? There are so many TV shows that it's very inconvenient to transfer TV shows from iPhone to iPhone.

Want to share the new episode of the Walking Dead with your friends under the circumstance of no Wi-Fi?

Have you ever been in trouble with these kinds of awkwardness? Follow simple steps on this page and address all these awkwardness in a short time!

FonePaw iOS Transfer provides you with convenience. It enables you to transfer TV shows from iPhone to iPhone with just some clicks, for example, from iPhone 6s to iPhone 7/7 Plus. It will be far faster than you use Bluetooth to transfer TV shows to another iPhone. Download FonePaw iOS Transfer, follow the steps below, and have a try!


Share TV Shows Between iPhones

Step 1. Connect both iPhones to computer

Please download and install FonePaw iOS Transfer first, and then launch the program. You need to connect both of your iPhones via USB cable to start the steps one by one. After a while, you can see the names of your devices on the left sidebar.

Transfer TV Shows from iPhone to iPhone

Step 2. Go to "Media" > "TV Shows"

There is a sidebar on the left. Below the name of your device, where you store your TV shows, you are able to see "Media" in the first place, please select it. At the top of the interface, choose "TV Shows".

TV Shows

Step 3. Select files and export to another device

You can select one or more TV shows you want and click on "Export to", and then, choose the name of the device you want to transfer to. There will be a pop-up to prompt you that your files are being transferred to another device. Once the process done, there will be another pop-up showing that item(s) exported successfully.

Move TV Shows from iPhone to iPhone

How easy and convenient it is! More than just transferring TV shows from iPhone to iPhone, FonePaw iOS Transfer allows you to add TV shows to your iPhone or delete those unwanted with simple steps as well. Furthermore, it can transfer contacts, music, photos, etc. from iPhone to iPhone. Heartbeat is not as good as action. Just give FonePaw iOS Transfer a try! If the solution is helpful for you, welcome to share with your friends! If you have better advice, welcome to leave your comments below as well!



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