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Transfer Files from iPad to Windows PC with/without iTunes

author Emily Watson
date Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Transferring files from iPad to Windows PC could be difficult. Unlike Mac users who can directly AirDrop files from iPad to Mac, PC users can only use iTunes. However, if your iTunes has been associated with an iPad before, it could accidentally merge the data of two iPads, which is very frustrating.

Don't worry, this article will introduce methods to transfer files from iPad to a Windows PC with or without iTunes, helping you effortlessly save iPad data on your Windows computer.

 Transfer Files from iPad to PC

How to Transfer Files from iPad to PC with iTunes

To transfer files from iPad to PC, the first tool you can try is iTunes. There is a “File Sharing” function embodied in iTunes, and it helps you transfer files from iPad to PC through USB cable or Wi-Fi.

Before you start, make sure that your iPad and PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi. Update your iPad and iTunes to the latest. And follow the steps below to conduct file transferring.

STEP 1. Install iTunes on your PC and run it.

STEP 2. Connect iPad to PC through USB cable or Wi-Fi.

STEP 3. Click “File Sharing” and select the files you want to transfer.

 iTunes File Sharing

STEP 4. Click “Save to” to choose the designated folder.

After finishing these simple steps, the files you have chosen from your iPad will be transferred to your PC.

How to Transfer Files from iPad to PC without iTunes (4 Ways)

You may find that iTunes for Windows is really difficult to use, and it only supports transferring limited types of files. Fortunately, we have picked up 4 efficient ways to transfer files from iPad to PC without iTunes, which will definitely reduce your worries.

Method 1. Move Files from iPad to PC using Transfer Software

FonePaw DoTrans is a user-friendly program that simplifies data management and transfer between iOS devices and computers. It provides a seamless transfer of photos, videos, music, contacts, messages, and other files from iPad to PC without using iTunes. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, FonePaw DoTrans makes managing iOS data effortless and efficient.

tips Tip:

FonePaw DoTrans only offers a Windows program. But FonePaw also provides a program called iOS Transfer to transfer files from iPad to Windows/Mac.

Free Download Free Download

Highlight Features of FonePaw DoTrans:

  • Stable connection between iPad and PC, no worrying about failure of transferring.
  • Transfer files from iPad to PC in batch at a fast speed.
  • No file size limit while transferring files from iPad to PC.
  • Easily transfer files like photos, videos, music, and contacts in one click.
  • Support from iPad 2 to the latest iPad models and the newly released iPadOS.

Just download FonePaw DoTrans on your device, and follow the instructions below to transfer files from iPad to PC!

STEP 1. Connect iPad to PC.

Download, install, and launch DoTrans on your PC. Connect your iPad with PC through a USB cable. And the information of your iPad will be presented on the interface.

Connect Your iPad to PC

STEP 2. Choose the Files to Transfer from iPad.

On the left, you can select the types of files you want to move to your PC. Take “music” as an example, you can click “Music” and then, the right-side menu will show all the songs included in the music folder. Just click the files you want to transfer.

Select Files to Transfer

STEP 3. Transfer Files from iPad to PC.

Click the "Export to PC" button to start transferring. A few seconds later, your music on the iPad will be successfully moved to your PC.

Transfer Files from iPad to PC

Method 2. Sync Files from iPad to Computer with iCloud

You may heard others use iCloud to transfer files from Mac to iPhone. Also, you can transfer files from iPad to PC wirelessly through iCloud. Apple provides a 5GB free iCloud Drive for you to store files. And you can subscribe to a paid plan if you want to use larger storage on iCloud Drive. The function lies in the "Files" app on your iPad.

 iCloud Drive in Files App

STEP 1. Open the Files app on your iPad.

STEP 2. Long-press the file you want to transfer to launch the menu.

STEP 3. Tab Move and choose iCloud Drive as the destination to copy to.

STEP 4. Visit on your PC. Sign in with your Apple ID.

iCloud Drive

STEP 5. Locate the file you have added and download it.

tips Note:

If there's no spare space on your iCloud Drive, you can try One Drive, Dropbox, or Google Drive, which offers large free storage. They work as same as iCloud Drive.

Method 3. Copy Files from iPad to Windows PC via USB

If you only want to transfer photos from iPad to PC, using a USB cable is another simple yet workable way. All you need is to prepare a USB cable that fits with both your iPad and PC.

STEP 1. Connect your iPad and PC with the USB cable.

STEP 2. Tap Allow on your iPad to allow your PC to access files on your iPad.

STEP 3. There will be a "Choose what to do with this device" notification on your PC. Click it.

STEP 4. Click Import photos and videos.

Import Photos And Videos

STEP 5. Choose the photos and videos you want to import. Click Continue and wait a few minutes.

Method 4. Transfer Files from iPad to PC/Laptop Wirelessly

If you don’t like installing any third-party apps or using sync helper to transfer files. You can take emails or chat apps as transfer tools to help you transfer files from iPad to PC wirelessly.

Use Email to Transfer Files

This method can be used to transfer a few small files from iPad to PC.
You just create an email on your iPad (iCloud, Gmail, Outlook, etc.), and attach the files you want to transfer to your PC. Send it to your own email address, and receive it on your PC to download the attached files.

Use Chat Apps to Send Files

There are so many chat apps that support online file sending through a dialogue box. Messenger, WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, Telegram, and so on, can be used to transfer small files from iPad to PC. But make sure the chat app offers a desktop program before you try.

You can sign into your chat app account on your iPad, send the files to the dialogue box, and then sign into the same account on PC to receive them.

FAQs about Transferring Files from iPad to PC

Can I AirDrop from iPad to Windows PC?

No. You can only use AirDrop to send files from iPad to Mac and other Apple devices. AirDrop does not work with Windows. To transfer files to PC from iPhone/iPad, try the five methods mentioned above.

Can I Transfer Files from iPad to an External Hard Drive?

It is sure that you can transfer files from iPad to an external hard drive. To achieve this goal, you can:

Use file app and USB Cable. You can use the file app on your iPad to pack your files together, and then connect the external hard drive with your iPad with the USB cable, to transfer the files directly.

Use online transfer. Some hard drives are inbuilt with a Wi-Fi connection. It allows you to transfer the files on your iPad to the hard drive online.

Use your PC as the intermediate. This method works for everyone. Just send your iPad files to your PC first, and then connect the hard drive to your PC to get access to the files.


Now that you've learned 5 ways to transfer files from iPad to PC with/without iTunes, we believe that using FonePaw DoTrans must be the best method for its fast transferring speed and easy-to-use experience. Do not hesitate anymore, hit the download button below to get FonePaw DoTrans and use it to transfer files from iPad to PC without iTunes right away!

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