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Fix ″iPhone Cannot Connect to Bluetooth″ Issue

author Emily Watson
date Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2017

Mobile phone is now taking the leading place in handset market. Instead of an immovable telephone, a portable phone is of course much more popular. However, is it the fact? The answer is properly "NO". Though phone becomes mobile, we are limited to its cables. Thankfully, with the use of Bluetooth, it's unnecessary for us to use a cable to connect to other peripheral devices.

Also, it's safe that Bluetooth builds an encrypted connection between two devices. However, it might also lead to a nuisance when it goes wrong. It drives people nuts when unable to connect to Bluetooth. If you're having this problem, you can find solutions below to easily address this annoyance.

Notes: What to Do before You Proceed

Before you drain down methods one by one, you might as well check whether there is a necessity to try out the following solutions.

  1. Make sure that you've turn on Bluetooth. Swipe up the "Control Center" and turn it on. Or, go to "Settings" > "Bluetooth".

  2. Make sure that both devices are close to one another within working range.

  3. Avoid being too close to the router, which might make interference.

  4. Keep your iPhone in a high battery life. If not, please get it charged.

Bluetooth Problem iPhone

Workaround 1: Keep iDevice Up to Date

Please go to "Settings" > "Software Update" to check whether there is an iOS update available. Normally, a new version will fix bugs and make improvements. You can do it either via OTA (opens new window) or iTunes. Personally, it's recommended to use iTunes for some people have reported that they found some content lost after updating via OTA.

Workaround 2: Toggle on and off Bluetooth

A simple trick you ought to try is to toggle on and off Bluetooth, because it would cut off and re-create the connection. You can do so in "Control Center" panel or "Settings" > "Bluetooth".

Workaround 3: Soft/Hard Restart iPhone

Most iOS issues might be caused by temporary interference, which can be easily fixed to normal via iPhone reboot. There are two methods of iPhone reboot known as soft reboot and hard reboot. Please have a try.

Soft Reboot: Hold down "Wake/Sleep" button and "slide to power off".

Hard Reboot: Press and hold down "Home" and "Wake/Sleep" buttons at the same time until the screen goes black. Then, hold down "Wake/Sleep" button to boot it up.

Workaround 4: Forget Bluetooth Devices

Another resort to try is to forget the Bluetooth with which is unable to connect and then reconnect to it. Please go to "Settings" > "Bluetooth". There will be a list of Bluetooth devices under the title of "Devices". Please tap the button next to the target device and choose "Forget this device". After a while, try pairing your iPhone and the Bluetooth device again.

Workaround 5: Enable and Disable Airplane Mode

This method might seem a bit unfeasible. However, it has its point. When enabling Airplane Mode, all the network connection will be shut down. If a program is going wrong and making this headache, it will be off as well. Then, the connection will be re-done when disabling Airplane Mode.

Workaround 6: Reset Network Settings

Bluetooth feature can work without network, but it does depend to network connection in some cases. If something's wrong with your router, perhaps there is something wrong with your network settings on iPhone. Therefore, please give it a shot to reset network settings. Follow to "Settings" > "General" > "Reset" and choose "Reset Network Settings".

Workaround 7: Restore iPhone through iTunes

The last resort for you is to restore your iPhone via iTunes. However, it's not like the way to restore your lost data from iPhone. In other words, it's more of re-installing system on your computer. Since it would wipe out current content on iPhone, it's strongly recommended to back up your iPhone (opens new window) in advance.

Now, please open the latest version of iTunes on Win/Mac. Next, connect your iPhone to it via USB cable and click "Device" icon to get in "Summary" page. Then, hit the "Restore iPhone..." button on the right side of interface. Please stay connected until the restoring process finishes.

Don't be hesitated to tell your idea or headache. I will be listening. If you're troubled by overheating problem (opens new window), SIM card issue (opens new window) or others. Please contact me for possible solutions.