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Common iPhone X Problems and How to Fix Them (i)

author Lois Green
date Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Since you are reading this article, something wrong may happen to your new iPhone X. But don't panic since you're here! This article will be divided into two parts, hardware issues, and common problems during use, to help you fix/use iPhone X. The following are the common hardware issues of iPhone X.

Green line

More than twenty users have reported that a vertical green line (opens new window) had appeared on their iPhone X's screen from its top to bottom.

iPhone X Green Line

Where and when the line would appear is still unknown. Some were on the right side and some were on the left; some lasted for days and some disappeared within a few hours. And neither restart nor restore could fix the problem. What's worse, two of those users said that their iPhone X's screen became blurred when the green line appeared especially at night.

It is suggested that OLED is to blame for the problem and doesn't only trouble iPhone X. Previously pink line had been reported on Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and green line on Motorola DROID Turbo 2—they both used OLED manufactured by Samsung as well as iPhone X. Though it is reported that this issue would happen at an extremely low rate of 0.001%, Samsung admitted that it was a matter of hardware.

Now Apple is willing to have the misbehaving phones exchange to encounter this problem. if you are facing the same problem, contact Apple Support or go to Apple Store to have it exchanged.

Screen burn-in

Though it is said that the OLED screen accounts for 1/3 of the total manufacturing cost of iPhone X and makes it "incredibly high standards", iPhone X tends to get screen burn-in after long-time use.

Screen Burn-in

What is screen burn-in? it is also known as screen burn, image burn-in, and ghost image to describe a display that is suffering from permanent discoloration across any part of the panel, which is caused by the cumulative non-uniform usage of the pixels. That is to say, after displaying a static image on the screen with high brightness for a long time, the screen will the engraved by the shape of the image. Click OLED Burn-in Expected on iPhone X: How to Avoid It? (opens new window) to learn more.

So, can we avoid screen burn-in? The answer is yes! There are many ways you can try:

  • Keep the iOS system to the latest version;
  • Keep your display brightness low;
  • Shorten your screen-off timer;
  • Change wallpaper often or use dynamic wallpaper;
  • Hide the notification bar when available to prevent static icons displayed for too long a time.

In a nutshell, the key to prevent screen burn-in is to avoid display static image for a long time.

Frozen screen in cold weather

Apple has suggested that iOS devices should be used where the ambient temperature is between 0º and 32º to 95º F(0º and 35º C), however, some users reported that the iPhone X screen was unresponsive when they walked from a warm place to a colder one, where was not below 32ºF. Obviously, it was a quality issue and Apple admitted it.

Fortunately, the annoying problem got fixed. On Sept. 16, 2017, Apple launched iOS 11.1.2 that "fixes an issue where the iPhone X screen becomes temporarily unresponsive to touch after a rapid temperature drop". To fix it you just need to get your iPhone X upgraded to iOS 11.1.2 and above.

If you have questions about the update, go to Apple support page (opens new window) to know more

Noise from the front-facing earpiece speaker

About 30 users complaint they were experiencing noise from the front-facing earpiece speaker of their iPhone X. The noise was described as "crackling" or "buzzing" sounds emanating from the device's front-facing earpiece speaker when the iPhone is set to high or max volumes.

iPhone X Speaker

It is speculated that this problem is probably a software issue because previously it also happened to iPhone 8/8 Plus and soon be fixed after Apple launched a software update. The majority of iPhone X owners do not appear to be affected and now Apple is still collecting user data to fix the problem. If you have the same problem, you can contact Apple Support to have your misbehaving iPhone X replaced.

GPS not working (properly)

In Apple Support Communities an iPhone X user claimed GPS didn't work on his/her device and 96 people clicked "I have this question too". Some of them also complain that the GPS location was very inaccurate and the location has been changing continuously. Notice that iPhone 8 was reported having the same problem.

What can account for the problem? It is speculated that something is interfering with the phone's GPS signal because the Compass app also misbehaves, like a compass disturbed by the magnetic field. However, some users claimed that their iPhone X/8 worked well before upgrading to 11.2 so it is a software issue.

As Apple hasn't figured out what the problem really is and how to fix it, there is no real fix yet. If you experience the same problem, contact Apple Support to have your iPhone X/8 replaced.

All the above are the common hardware issues of iPhone X. If your iPhone X/8 is fine but you just have trouble using it, read Common iPhone X Problems and How to Fix Them (ii) (opens new window). Welcome to share this post with your friends and feel free to leave your comments below!