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Top 5 iTunes Alternatives for Mac

author Lois Green
date Sunday, June 12, 2016

iTunes is a well-known tool that we can use to manage our iOS music. Some iPhone/iPad/iPod users use it to sync iPhone files between iPhone and PC, manage music, playlist and even listen to the music as a music player. However, some iOS users complain that it’s not user-friendly at all because it sometimes fails when syncing your iOS devices and deleting some of the files. Windows users can easily find iTunes replacement, but is there any iTunes Alternatives for Mac recommended? Of course, there are.

Part 1: iTunes Alternatives for Syncing on Mac

1. FonePaw iOS Transfer

You might be confused about this: Isn't it true that FonePaw iOS Transfer is the software used to transfer data for iPhone/iPad/iPod? Of course, it is. FonePaw iOS Transfer is really good at syncing music and more media files that we need to use in daily life.

• You can transfer music from iPhone to Mac.

• You are allowed to copy files from PC to iPhone.

• Transfer photos, music, videos, contacts, movies, etc. from iDevice to iDevice.

• Sync the songs between your PC and iDevices with few clicks if it is needed.

Sync Music from iPhone to iTunes (opens new window)

• Deleted unwanted files from iDevice in batches.

• All iOS devices running from iOS 6 to iOS 9 are supported

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![FonePaw iOS Transfer](

2. iSkysoft TunesOver

How about iSkysoft TunesOver, the one that will cost you $39.95?

• On iSkysoft TunesOver, you can export music from iPhone to Mac with simple clicks.

• Just hit on the "Add" button on the top, you can add songs into a new playlist after syncing music between iPhone/iPad/iPod and Mac.

• There's no need for you to worry about the compatibility issue, iSkysoft TunesOver will automatically detect music and convert it into the supported format.

iSkysoft TunesOver

3. iAmazing

Sometimes it is likely that our iPhone USB cable gets broken when we are out for a business trip. What can we do if we need to transfer files, especially transferring music files between iDevices and Mac? You can try the iAmazing if this nightmare happens to you:

• Transfer files between iPhone and Mac on Wi-Fi even if your USB cable broken.

• iAmazing also allows you to download music, apps and more data from the software as you did on iTunes and edit, view or buy them on the program.


4. iTunes Alternative for Music Management on Mac

Besides syncing media files between iPhone and Mac, there are some other needs like managing music on our iDevicecs. In this case, you need the help of Wondershare TunesGo because it is equipped with the following features:

• Creating a new playlist and move songs into it.

• Download music freely from the store.

• Record songs that you can’t find the original files from the Internet.

• Remove duplicated songs from the list.

• Backup and restore iTunes data with simply one click.

• Fill in missing music tags automatically from database.

Wondershare TunesGo

5. iTunes Alternative for Music Resources Digging

Some iOS users use iTunes as a music player. However, there are many other useful software programs provided on the Internet that allows you to get exposed to more and more songs. Spotify (opens new window)is a good choice from my point of view.

• First of all, Spotify is a useful program that allows us to copy and sync music, playlists, videos and more media files between Macbook and iPhone.

• Download online source to iDevice with the high-quality.

Part 2: Choose your Right iTunes Alternative for Mac

FonePaw iOS Transfer







Sync Music from iDevice to Mac or 


Sync music from Mac/iTunes to 


Remove Files in 


Manage Songs in Playlists
Convert music to device compatible formats
Download Music from Online Sources
One-Click Backup to Mac/iTunes
Price $39.95 $31.95 $34.99 $59.95 $0.99/ 3 months

That's it. It’s hard to tell which one is the best iTunes Alternative software. However, you can try the most suitable one according to your requirement. If you want to sync music between your iDevices and computer, you can try either FonePaw iOS Transfer, iSkysoft TunesOver or iAmazing; If you are searching for a tool to manage your music library, you can try Wondershare TunesGo; If you just want to find more new music from the web, you can try Spotify. If you’ve made your decision, please kindly share your opinion below and tell us why to help others make the correct decision.