Simple Way to Remove Video Noise and Stablize Noisy Video

By Carrie Murray, Thursday, Jan. 12, 2017

Shooting video is just the first step to create a great video. After you have taken a video, editing the footage is an inevitability. And color noise/grain as well as shakiness problem are the difficulties that we frequently need to handle in order to get a neat, clear and stable video. Here we recommend one tool to get the two problems fixed in simple way, that's FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate.

The Video Converter Ultimate provides multiple video enhancing options to improve your video quality in simple clicks. Removing color noise/grain and reducing video shakiness is two of its many video editing features. You don't need to be a techie or learn about the confusing tutorials. Just install the program on you computer and copy the noisy or shaky video from your iOS/Android phone, camcorder, digital camera or other device to the computer, you can then use the program to remove noise and reduce shakiness of the video by clicking a few buttons.

Now get the program on your PC or Mac and have a try by yourself.

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Part 1. Remove Color Noise/Grain From Video

There are several reasons that lead to noisy video and high ISO and recording in a compressed format are the two most common ones. No matter what the reasons is, it is unpleasant to watch video speckled with noise or grain. Therefore, remove the video noise and grain following these steps.

Step 1. Import Video into the Program

Open Video Converter Ultimate in your computer. Click "Add file" button to import the noisy video to the program.

Add Video Files

Tip: If you find a video online with color noise, you can also turn it into a neat video for you to watch. Click "Download" button and enter the video URL or download the video to the program.

Step 2. Remove Noise/Grain From Video

Tick the noisy video on the program and press "Video Enhance" option. You'll enter the video enhancing menu. Tick "Remove video noise". If you don't want to make any other change on the video, click "Apply" to save your change and press "Convert" to apply the change to your video.

Remove Video Color Noise

Besides removing noise, if the video need to be further edited, for example, reducing video shakiness, go on reading Part 2.

Part 2. Stabilize Shaky Video

Hand-holding a camera to take a video often makes some video clips look wobbly. And the shaky videos look unprofessional and are difficult to watch. If you have shaky video taken by yourself or downloaded or received from other sources, you may add these videos into Video Convert Ultimate and stabilize the videos with one button.

On the program, tick the shaky video, click "Video Enhance" and choose "Reduce video shaking". On the bottom, press "Apply" (stabilize one shaky video) or "Apply to all" (apply video stabilization to multiple videos) to save the change.

Reduce Video Shakiness

Then press the "Convert" to begin to convert the shaky videos to stable one. Wait until the converting to complete.

Other Video Editing Features You May Be Interested in

There are other features of Video Converter Ultimate that you may be interested in:

  • Play any video and audio. If you find a video that you player couldn't play, try Video Converter Ultimate.

  • You are able to adjust video effects, like brightness, contrast, hue, add watermark and personalize the videos as you like.

  • Clip or merge video and audio clip.

  • Enhance video quality in one click, upscale resolution, optimize the brightness and contract, and more.

  • Flip and rotate the videos that are taken in wrong orientation.

Windows Version DownloadMac Version Download


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