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[After Effect] Remove Grain & Shake from Video

By Carrie Murray, Thursday, April 11, 2019

Shooting video is just the first step to create a great video. After you have taken a video, editing the footage in after effects is an inevitability. When you get grainy or shaky footage, removing grain and shakiness is necessary to get a neat, clear and stable video. 

This post gives you a step-by-step guide on how to fix grainy or shaky videos in a simple way. You don't need to be a techie or learn about the confusing after effects tutorials. Just install a video editor on your computer and copy the grainy or shaky video from your iOS/Android phone, camcorder, digital camera or other devices to the computer, you can then use the editor to denoise and stabilize your video by clicking a few buttons.

The video editor we are using here is PawEditor. This program is designed to help people to create pro-level videos without professional training. With its noise reduction and video stabilization effects, you can easily remove grain from a video or remove shaking from a video. 

Download PawEditor to get started.


Part 1: How to Remove Grain from Videos 

There are several reasons that could lead to a noisy video. And high ISO and recording in a compressed format are the two most common ones. You can apply the noise reduction after effect in PawEditor to denoise the video.

Step 1. Import Grainy Video into the Video Editor

Open PawEditor. Double click the blank space of the media library to import the grainy video. Then drag and drop the video on a track of Timeline. 

Add Grainy Video

Step 2. Remove Grain From Video

Click Effect and navigate to Reduce Noise effect, which is to remove grain from the video. Click + icon on the left corner to apply the effect to the grainy video. 

Add Reduce Noise Effect

Step 3 Adjust Noise Reduction Effect

You'll see the configuration window of the noise reduction effect, where you can adjust denoising radius and strength. Just drag the slider to adjust the value while viewing the denoising effect of the video in the playback window. Click Back when you get the best result.

Adjust Noise Reduction Effect

Now you can export the denoised video to your computer and enjoy it without grain. 

Export Video

Besides removing grain from videos, you may need to further edit the video, for example, reducing shake from the video, go on reading Part 2.

Part 2: Video Stabilization: Remove Shake from Video

Hand-holding a camera to take a video often makes some video clips look wobbly. And the shaky videos look unprofessional and are difficult to watch. If you have a shaky video taken by yourself or downloaded or received from other sources, you may add these videos into PawEditor which can work for video stabilization and fix shaky video with one button.

Step 1 Add a shaky video into PawEditor and move it to timeline.

Step 2 In the Effect, move your cursor to Stabilize and click + button.

Add Stabilize Effect

Step 3 What PawEditor is to make the video shake in the frequency of the camera shake, thus the video becomes stable to the viewer. You can adjust the stabilization effect by changing its values, yet you have to analyze for the change to take effect. 

Adjust Stabilize Effect

When the video isn't shaky, you can export your work to enjoy. 

Other Video Editing Features You May Be Interested in

There are other features of PawEditor that you may be interested in:

  • Adjust video effects, like brightness, contrast, hue, add watermark and personalize the videos as you like.

  • Trim, clip or merge video and audio clip.

  • Enhance video quality in one click, upscale resolution, optimize the brightness and contract, and more.

  • Flip and rotate the videos that are taken in the wrong orientation.

  • Add animation, voice, text to a video. 

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