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One Click to Remove Watermark from Video on PC/Online

By Carrie Murray, Monday, May 20, 2019

Many video creators tend to add watermarks, such as a logo, website name, in the corner even the center of their videos for copyright protection. When you make videos with a free video editing software, the videos usually come out with watermark. Watermark on a video, especially the center watermark, is an eyesore.

Luckily, there are watermark removers that can help you remove watermark from video in one click. This post will introduce 3 video watermark removal tools. Choose the one that best fits your need.

How Can I Remove Watermark from Video?

As a matter of fact, you cannot completely remove a watermark from a video because the watermark is embedded in every frame of a video. What a video watermark remover does is burring and disguising the watermark in the video. Therefore, you can also remove watermark from videos by a video editing software with a blur effect.

Remove Watermark from Video with Video Editing Software

PawEditor is a comprehensible video editing tool that can remove watermark from video in 3 ways:

  • Blur watermark on a video;

  • Crop watermark from video;

  • Cover watermark with a photo.

You can handle watermark in different spots with different methods. For example, to get rid of a small watermark in the left/right corner of a video, you may crop the watermark out of the video with PawEditor; to remove a center watermark in a video, you may want to apply the Spot Remover effect in PawEditor to blur the watermark.

PawEditor can not only remove watermark from videos but also cut videos, adjust color, size, music, subtitles on videos.


Blur watermark on a video

After installing PawEditor on PC, open the software and import a video with a watermark to its Media Library. Then you can begin to remove watermark from the video.

Add Video to Timeline

Step 1 Select a track and click "+" or directly the video to the track for editing.

Step 2 Click Effect and select Spot Remover from the effects library.

Step 3 Hover the mouse cursor over the Spot Remover and click "+" to apply the effect.

Add Spot Remover

Step 4 In the preview window, you should notice there is a blurry bar appearing on the video. You can adjust parameters in the effect editing panel to remove watermark in the video.

Spot Remover Editing Panel

  • Blur: Adjust the blurring intensity. You want it to be able to remove the watermark while without damaging the video image.

  • Shape: If the watermark is a line of text, blur it in the shape of a rectangle; to remove a round logo, blur it in the shape of a circle.

  • Horizontal/vertical: Drag the slider to move the blurry bar over the watermark.

  • Width/height: Drag the slider to change the blurry bar to the size of the watermark. Rotation: Rotate the blurry bar.

Remove Watermark from Video

Step 5 Press the Play button to view the result. If it is OK, export the video without a watermark to save the change.

Crop watermark from video

Step 1 Right-click the video in the timeline and click "Crop".

Step 2 Adjust the white dashed rectangle to select the area you want to keep, leaving out the watermark area.

Step 3 The watermark will be cropped out. Export the video to save the change.

Crop Video

Cover watermark with a photo

If you have a logo or better picture that can replace the watermark, you can use PawEditor to cover the original watermark in a video.

Step 1 Import the picture you want to replace the watermark in the video.

Step 2 Place the video in one track and the picture in the upper track.

Step 3 Adjust the logo picture to make it have the same time length as the video with watermark.

Step 4 Crop the picture. Put it on the watermark and adjust its size to perfectly cover the watermark.

Remove Watermark from Video with Watermark Removal Tool

There are tools that are dedicated to removing a watermark from videos. Remove Logo Now is one of them. The software can remove video watermark in 2 ways:

Analyze the algorithm of the video and remove the code of watermark or logo, but not all watermarks can be removed by code; Skew the video image to hide the watermark, which could distort the video to some degree.

Remove Logo Now is not free to use. You need to purchase the software before you can remove video watermark with it.

Remove Logo Now

Step 1 Launch the watermark remover.

Step 2 Click Add File to import the video with watermark.

Step 3 Click Find Logo for the remover to locate the watermark automatically.

Step 4 If it fails, click Select to select the watermark area manually.

Step 5 Click Marker > Clear Section to get rid of the watermark from the video.

Remove Watermark from Video Online

There are online watermark removal tools for you to remove a watermark from video online without installing any software, for example, the Video Watermark Remover Online. The website provides a free trial, but you can upload no more 5 videos for watermark removal in one month. To get more allocation, you will have to purchase its Standard or Ultimate license for $49.99 or $79.99 respectively.

Video Watermark Remover Online

Step 1 Click Choose File to upload a video with watermark.

Step 2 Click Remove Watermark.

Step 3 The tool will begin converting. It will take a few minutes depending on the size of your video.

Step 4 After converting is over, the watermark is removed. Click Download to get the result.

That’s all the ways you can remove a watermark from videos. Give them a try!

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