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Top 10 Free Anime Websites to Watch Anime Online

author Carrie Murray
date Wednesday, February 21, 2024

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On anime websites, audiences can discover abundant anime episodes, movies, and cartoon resources of different categories such as action, kids, comedy, etc. for spending time. The growing popularity of anime also boosts the development of various anime websites, where audiences are allowed to watch cartoons online flexibly on any device.

Today, this blog will introduce the 10 best free anime websites to enjoy anime streaming without hassle. Follow it to have a look!

Part 1. 10 Free Anime Websites to Watch Anime Online

Providing a high-quality and smooth online anime streaming experience, here are the top 10 anime sites which should be the best place to watch anime online. Who are they? Check now!

1. Hulu

Hulu is one of the best anime websites offering unlimited anime, movies, and TV show resources for online watching. It provides a large library with anime episodes in different categories. People can enjoy them with high resolutions online without ads. The site can be accessed in any place around the world, and people are able to use various devices to sign in to the platform. It is widely supported.


2. Kissanime

Kissanime is a popular anime streaming site, bringing rich resources for anime lovers to enjoy the episodes they like online freely. Embedded with a powerful search engine, Kissanime will quickly bring you to the anime results you are searching for. Additionally, the anime resources are also divided by genres so that it is convenient for users to reach the categories they are highly interested in.


3. 9anime

9anime provides numerous categories for users to quickly reach the type of anime episodes they enjoy the most. Except for the high-quality playback experience, 9anime also brings users with other user-friendly streaming services such as the dark mode, ads-off option, multi-language version, and so on. You are sure to have an incredible anime enjoying the journey on 9anime.


4. Crunchyroll

With a large user group, Crunchyroll is also a popular anime site that provides lots of anime resources on demand. Users are able to browse the site to access both the latest and the classic anime episodes for online enjoyment. Better still, people can add reviews for leaving comments on the anime they have watched for sharing the thoughts, which also improves the communications among anime lovers from all over the world.


5. Animedao

Animedao provides popular anime resources dubbed in both English and Japanese languages. For people to keep the anime episodes for later playback conveniently, Animedao allows them to bookmark the videos in one click. Additionally, Animedao brings both dark and light themes for protecting users' eyes, especially for those who would spend a longer time streaming anime online.


6. Amazon Anime

Amazon Anime is one of the largest video streaming sites where also provides lots of anime resources for viewing with the best quality like HD and 4K. It offers subtitles so that ensures foreigners enjoy the anime as well. Besides anime, you can also find movies, TV shows, and other video content on Amazon Anime easily. You can purchase the anime to flexibly download it and enjoy it offline as well.

Amazon Prime

7. is equipped with a large anime database where offers a large number of modern and classic animation for people to enjoy online. You are also available to reach other video content such as the original TV shows, movies of different categories, etc. for enjoying the best video resolutions. can be accessed on any system, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and so on.



As its name says, AnimeHeaven is absolutely a palace for anime lovers for it brings animation of a wide range of genres for people from all over the world to watch online. The platform will not list any ads to interrupt your anime streaming experience. Equipped with the SSL certificate, users will enjoy a 100% secure environment provided by AnimeHeaven without worrying about viruses or malware.

Anime Heaven


Gogoanime is also a popular anime site for enjoying anime, cartoon episodes, and movies online. You can easily reach the newly-updated anime episodes on the homepage of Gogoanime. Additionally, the resources provided here will be dubbed in different languages for foreign audiences to fully understand the content. Gogoanime ensures a smooth and high-quality streaming experience for all users.



The final recommendation is Animefreak. This platform is supported on Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer on any device. It provides the latest updates for anime lovers to quickly grasp the latest episodes they like. Also, Animefreak enables users to create their own favorite animation list for auto-playing the content they like without buffering. Animefreak offers an outstanding anime streaming experience to users.


Part 2. How to Watch Anime Offline

The fact to watch cartoons or anime on these free anime sites is that you have to connect to a stable network. But what if we want to enjoy them offline? Actually, you can record the content in advance. So that the anime is available to be played offline at any time and anywhere. To record anime with high quality, you only need a reliable HD recorder like FonePaw Screen Recorder.

FonePaw Screen Recorder (opens new window) provides professional but lightweight screen recording features to capture any activities that happened on your desktop screen. By using FonePaw Screen Recorder, users are available to record anime from online anime sites and then for viewing smoothly offline.

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Here is a simple guide on how to record an anime via FonePaw Screen Recorder. We will take Hulu as an example.

STEP 1. Go to Video Recorder

When FonePaw Screen Recorder is installed, launch the software and go to "Video Recorder".

FonePaw Screen Recorder

STEP 2. Customize Video Recorder Settings

Now you can customize the settings such as adjusting the recording area and testing the system volume. It is recommended to turn off the microphone sound for reducing the noise level.

Settings in Video Recorder

STEP 3. Start Recording Anime

When you click to play the anime on Hulu, also press the "REC" icon in FonePaw Screen Recorder Video Recorder to start recording the anime content.

Start Record Anime

STEP 4. Save the Anime Recording

Finally, when the anime ends, hit the "Stop" icon on the floating recording bar. Then, you will be turned to the preview window. Now just hit the "Save" icon for storing the anime recording to your desktop for offline watching.

Save Recorded Anime

Anime is welcomed by not only kids but also adults, especially the world-popular Japanese anime. The above has introduced the 10 best anime sites for streaming anime online. Additionally, you are available to record the animation by virtue of FonePaw Screen Recorder (opens new window) for offline watching. If you have other recommended anime sites, leave a comment below for sharing!