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How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on Android

By Emily Watson, Monday, June 15, 2015

I didn't find a thread like this for my Android phone until I'm missing all my text messages. So I would post this to share how I successfully retrieve deleted text messages on Android.

My text message settings had a cap on the number of texts per conversation, after which the oldest messages would be deleted. I wanted those messages back (I have disabled the cap).

At that moment, FonePaw Android Data Recovery flashed in my mind. The highlight of this program is its efficient recovery result. You can quickly and simply get back deleted SMS from Android smart phone. This software is compatible with all kinds of Android brands. Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, and Google Nexus SMS recovery can turn to this program. Download the trial version and start a journey to experience this recovery tool.


Be More Effectively to Retrieve SMS Messages on Android

You are required to stop saving data on your Android phone as you know you have deleted some text messages and want to recover them.

Step 1. Make the Phone Connected to PC

Open FonePaw Android Data Recovery on your computer. Connect your Android phone to the PC. If you have previously turned on the USB debugging, the computer will automatically detect and recognize your phone. If not, go to enable USB debugging on your Android mobile.

Step 2. Set to Scan "Messages"

When your phone is successfully plugged into the computer, you will get the below window that asks you to select data types to scan. Tick "Messages" and then click "Next".

Select Deleted Messages of Android Devices

Step 3. Grant the Program to Access Your Phone

Before scanning, the program will attempt to access your Android mobile. This requires you to give permission to the software. Go to the phone. When the pop up occurs, hit "Allow/Grant/Authorize".

Grant the Program to Access Your Android Phone

Step 4. Selectively Preview and Restore Lost Messages on Android

The program has completely analyzed your selected files. With one click on "Messages", you can preview all the detailed contents. SMS content, name of the contacts, phone number, sent and received time… All these are posted on the table. Choose the ones you need. Then click "Recover" to export them to your computer. So, all deleted text messages are restored.

Selectively Preview and Retrieve Text Messages on Android

It is better to practice it. If you haven't downloaded this program, take action! Currently, you can retrieve your deleted Android text messages other than media attachments such as images, audios, and videos. We will create the new version for media file recovery as soon as possible.

More Key Features about FonePaw Android Data Recovery

1) Supports retrieve not only deleted SMS from Android, but contacts, photos, videos, music and call logs.

2) Supported Android brands: Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note, Samsung Tab, HTC One, HTC Desire, Sony Xperia, LG G6/G4/G3 and so forth.

3) High success rate of phone connection and detection.

4) No virus programs, add-ons, or advertisements.

5) Only read and restore data when scanning and recovering.



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