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Get the simplest way and know more information of Video Converter Ultimate. If you have any question, this FAQ page can support you to solve most of them.

1. How to fix it when the registration is invalid and gave me the Error Code 4104?

If you use the license code on more than one computer, then there will be the Error 4104, because one license code is just for one computer ID. As for this issue, you can contact FonePaw customer support to help you reset the registration code for you soon.

2. Can I register the software on another new computer?

The answer is NO. This is due to the limited License you got. The license code of Video Converter is unique and only for the first computer you register. So if you want to change the computer, please contact FonePaw customer service to help you reset the license code for you.

3. Why this program is failed to load files that I need?

First, you need to make sure that the file format is supported for FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate. Second, please make sure that the files on your computer are not damaged and can be used normally. Third, you can save your the files on local disc with a simple name which you can remember it easily, then check it if it can play on your computer well.

4. Does this software can take a snapshot from a playing video? How?

Yes. FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate supports you to take a snapshot when you are playing the video. Just click the "Snapshot" button which is the camera sign to take a picture, then hit the Open Snapshot Folder button to take the photos you need!

5. Could this software convert my DVD to other formats?

This software can convert homemade DVD to any 2D/3D video formats, but not for commercial DVDs/protected DVDs.

Please confirm if your dvd is a homemade one.

6. If I want to get some DRM protected movies downloaded fromsome platforms, what should I do?

Digital rights management (DRM) is a term for accessing control technologies to limit the use of digital content or devices. So our program can't support you to remove DRM protection.

7. If I want to play the export file on my new iPad Air, what should I do?

Firstly, you need to import the source file to the program, then select "Profile/Settings > Apple iPad > iPad Air H.264 HD Video/iPad Air H.264 720P Video/iPad Air MPEG 4 Video" for the latest iPad Air. Or you can also directly input the profile's name to find the exact format with ease.

8. How to merge all video files into one?

If you want to merge more than two video files, then please follow the steps below:

1) Click the "Add Files" or "Load DVD" button to load source media to the program.

2) Select "Merge into one file" on the bottom of the interface.

3) Choose one of video formats which your media player supported on the bottom "Profile/Settings" section of the program, and then click "Convert" to start conversion.

The program will merge all files on the file list into one after conversion.

9. Could you tell me how to crop the video?

If you want to trim a segment from a video, just click the "edit > Crop" tab, just need to select one of the eight points of the rectangle box and drag the dashed line to crop the video by yourself. Or clicking "crop area" works for you. What's more, the FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate provides you to preview the video files, and the aspect ratio in the crop window for you to choose, it includes Original, Crop area, 16:9 and 4:3. And the Zoom Mode for you are Letterbox, Medium, Pan Scan and Full.

10. What should I do if my program crash when I open it?

1. Exit the program and try to restart it.

Uninstall the program and then download and install the latest version of the program.

11. How to add the format to User Defined?

On the side of the output profile drop-download list, you will see the button of "Save As", and then click it to rename it and save it on computer. Then the format to User Defined will be added by yourself.

12. How could I modify the brightness and contrast of the video image?

Import your favorite video into the program and click "Edit" and "Effect" button to adjust the value of the brightness/contrast/saturation as you need.

13. How to Speed up Video/Audio Conversion?

First, you need to get the reason why the process of conversion is that slow. Usually, there are quite a few factors influencing the duration of conversion:

Settings for output files

Computer configuration

The length and size of the original video file

Second, get the right solution to speed up your conversion:

Download and install AMD Graphics Driver on your computer. Then, use NVIDIA CUDA acceleration.

Close or stop the preview when converting.

Do not make other operations on the computer when converting.

The higher parameter of resolution, frame rate the source video has, the longer it takes to convert it.

14. Why can't I register the program successfully?

Here are some solutions you may need:

1. Please check and comfirm your email address and registration code whether you typed/pasted correctly.

2. Please check whether you download the correct version of program.

3. The installation and registration of program should be in the condition of Internet.

4. Any error message you got? If yes, send the screenshot to to analyse and solve.

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