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The frequently asked questions about FonePaw Screen Recorder are showed here. If you have other problems, contact support team please.

1. How can I purchase FonePaw iOS Transfer?

You can buy the license at FonePaw online store: Purchase FonePaw iOS Transfer(Win)/Purchase FonePaw iOS Transfer(Mac). After purchasing successfully, you will receive a registration code.

2. How to register to get the full version of FonePaw iOS Transfer after receiving my license code?

3. What's the difference between trial and full version of FonePaw iOS Transfer?

4. How to unlock iPhone when connecting computer? Is it safe to allow computer to extract the data?

5. Do I need to install iTunes on my computer when using FonePaw iOS Transfer?

6. Should I launch iTunes when using the program?

7. How could I upgrade FonePaw iOS Transfer if has a new version?

8. Why the program cannot recognize my iOS devices? What should I do?

9. What should I do when FonePaw iOS Transfer crashes?

10. FonePaw iOS Transfer can't scan my SMS, what should I do?

11. If I have moved my iTunes library from the default drive to other hard drive, can I still transfer data to iTunes?

12. Why can't I register the program successfully?

13. FonePaw iOS Transfer cannot load my contacts or just show a part of contacts, what should I do?

14. Does FonePaw iOS Transfer support jailbroken iOS devices?

15. What should I do if FonePaw iOS Transfer stops working and program closes?

16. Can FonePaw iOS Transfer be installed on an iPhone or iPad?

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