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How to Share Photos in Android with Your Friends

By Elsie Wesley, Friday, April 01, 2016

Well, you have taken some great photos with your Android phone and beautified the photos with LINE camera, you must can’t wait sharing the moments with your friends. In today’s guide, we will introduce OneDrive, a photo management program that can help you share photos in Android with your friends. Once you upload and store your pictures into that application, you can easily send it to anyone.

Solution 1: Share Android Photos via Email

Step 1. Select Photos to Share

Launch OneDrive on your Android device. Next, sign into OneDrive by entering your account and the password. Make sure your Android phone is online. Once signed in, go to "Files" and select a picture you would like to share with friends. After that, tap "Share" and "Invite people".

Select Photos to Share

Step 2. Share Pictures through Email

Type email addresses of your friends. You can highlight the "Allow editing" button and the "Require sign-in to access" option. Besides, you can also add a quick note and leave something you would like to tell. After that, touch the arrow at the upper right corner and share photos with your friend.

Share Pictures through Email

Solution 2: Share Photos with Friends via Links

Step 1. Select Photos to Send

On OneDrive, choose images you are going to share. Then touch the "Share" button.

Select Photos to Send

Step 2. Share Android Pictures with Link

Choose "View" or "Edit" so that one with this like can view or edit the photo. Next, tap "OK" and select to share the link via OneDrive or other apps.

Share Android Pictures with Link

Solution 3: Share Photos via Applications

Step 1. Choose Pictures to Share

On OneDrive, choose an image to share. Next, tap the "Share" icon and touch "Send files".

Choose Pictures to Share

Step 2. Share Files via Apps

OneDrive will download your photo. Then you can select an app to complete the action, such as Bluetooth, Facebook , and so on.

Share Files via Apps

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