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How to Manage Security Settings on Android Phones

author Elsie Wesley
date Monday, February 22, 2016

In recent years, a soaring number of people flocked into the Android world as this new technology has spawned new communication ways, such as texting, sending email, chatting on WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook Messenger, etc. In your Samsung Galaxy/Note, LG G, HTC One, Sony Xperia, OnePlus, and more, you should store contacts, text messages, chat history of some social apps, emails. All these private information should be well protected. In this post, we will share tips and tricks on managing security settings on Android phone, not troublesome but practical.

Part 1: Lock SIM Card

Step 1. Choose SIM Card to Lock

Go to "Settings" > "Security" > "Set up SIM card lock". Then choose a SIM card and hit "Lock SIM1/2 card".

Choose SIM Card to Lock

Step 2. Enter SIM PIN

In the pop-up note, enter PIN and tap "OK". You have successfully enabled SIM card lock.


Part 2: Enable Pattern/PIN/Password on Android

Step 1. Select Screen Lock

On your Android phone, go to "Settings" > "Select screen lock". Then choose a screen lock, such as Pattern, PIN, and Password.

Select Screen Lock

Step 2. Enable Screen Lock on Android

Pattern: If you choose pattern, then you need to draw pattern twice so that the device can record it. Choose "Confirm", and the Android will be secured with pattern.

Enable Screen Lock on Android

Note: In some devices, you could be asked to enter new backup PIN after setting the pattern. If you do not replace the existing backup with the new one, just choose "No" in the pop-up. If you choose "Yes", you will be required to tap new backup PIN and save it.

New Backup PIN

PIN: If you choose PIN in step 1, just tap a numeric PIN in the box. Then your phone will be secured with PIN.

Set New PIN

Password: In the pop-up, enter the password which contains at least a letter. Then choose "OK" to confirm the passcode.

Set New Password

Okay! You have done the job. Another important thing is that you should remember the pattern/PIN/password you set. If you forget it, see what to do if you forget the password of Android.