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How to Record Webinar on Windows PC and Mac

By Carrie Murray, Wednesday, February 13, 2019

There is so much to absorb at a webinar. It is a good idea to record a webinar for later viewing so that you can better understand what the other attendees have said at the meeting.

To record a webinar on Windows and Mac, you can use webinar recording software, which can record a webinar that you are watching and save it as a video file for later viewing. The webinar recording software introduced in this post works on both Windows PC and Mac. Windows 10, 8, 7 and macOS Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra and more are supported.


Record Webinars on PC and Mac Manually

FonePaw Screen Recorder is a great webinar recorder for Windows and Mac. It can record a webinar without time limit for as long as you need it. You can start and end the recording with keyboard hotkeys. All webcams and voices of all attendees at the webinar can be recorded. The recorder also enables you to take screenshots during the webinar.

Moreover, with the FonePaw webinar recorder, you can choose to show or hide mouse actions, include or exclude activities of other apps on your computer on the webinar recording.

The webinar will be recorded and saved in MP4, WMV, F4V, TS, AVI, MOV formats so that you can share or upload them via Facebook, YouTube or other platforms.

FonePaw Screen Recorder

Step 1: Install the Webinar Recorder

First of all, you should install FonePaw Screen Recorder on your PC or Mac. The recorder is free to download and small in size.

Download Download

Step 2: Configure the Webinar Recording

Before the webinar begins, you should check some settings on the recorder to make sure that it can record the upcoming webinar in a way that fits your need.

Decide recording area: if you want to record the webinar only, click Advanced Recorder > Lock and record window > select the app or browser that is going to provide webinar. In this way, other screen activities on your computer, such as checking emails, opening a document during the webinar won't be recorded.

Advanced Recorder

Show or hide mouse actions: go to Mouse Settings and choose whether to include mouse cursor in the webinar recording.

Mouse Settings on FonePaw Recorder

Where and how to save the webinar recording: Go to Output settings. You can select where to save the webinar recording and in what format and quality the recording file should be saved. By selecting the higher quality, you get an audio file in larger size.

Output Settings

Step 3: Start A Webinar Recording

Make sure that the system sound and microphone are turned on for the recorder. When the webinar gets started, you can click Rec to start recording the webinar. Or you can start to record the webinar with hotkeys.

Start to Record Webinar

(Note: by default, there is a 3-second countdown before the recording actually begins. You can shut off the countdown in settings.)

Step 4: Recording A Webinar

During the webinar, you can adjust the sliders to adjust the volume levels if you are feeling that the attendees are talking too low or loud. Also, there are annotation tools for you to write or draw on the video.

Record Webinar on PC

Step 5: End A Webinar Recording

You can click the Stop button to end the recording when the webinar is finished. Or you can click the Clock icon and set time length for the recording to end automatically when the time is up.

set Timer to End Recording

It is recommended to take a test recording before the webinar actually begins. In this way, you'll be more familiar with the FonePaw recorder and have a better chance to get the webinar perfectly recorded.

Schedule Webinar Recording

FonePaw Screen Recorder can also help you schedule video recording an upcoming webinar. To do that, you can simply add a task to the recorder.

Add A Scheduled Recording Task

  • On the recorder, click Task Schedule.

  • Add a new task and name the task as anything you like, for example, webinar 2019.2.2.

  • Edit the Start time and the predicted time that the webinar is going to end. Click OK.

  • A recording task is successfully added and the recorder will start to record the webinar according to the time you have set. Keep the computer on during the whole time.

FonePaw Screen Recorder can not only record the webinar, but also gameplay, streaming videos, audio, and other screen activities on your PC and Mac.

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