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How to Fix Apple Application Support Was Not Found on Windows 10/8/7

author Emily Watson
date Thursday, October 18, 2018

While iTunes is installing, an error pops up saying "Apple Application Support was not found. Apple Application Support is required to run iTunes - Please uninstall iTunes, then install iTunes again." If you don't know how to fix the problem, this article may help you.

Apple Application Support Was Not Found on iTunes

1. What Is Apple Application Support and Where to Download It?

Apple Application Support is one of the software components that is required to keeps iTunes' running on Windows, usually provided in two versions: 32-bit or 64-bit. You can't use iTunes without Apple Application Support. If you remove this program you will need to re-install it in order for iTunes to load. However, there is nowhere to download Apple Application Support separately. In order to download Apple Application Support, you have to uninstall iTunes, then install iTunes again.

2. Fix Apple Application Support Was Not Found (Apple Recommended)

Apple recommend the following steps to fix issues that iTunes can't be installed or update. The steps can be applied to fix iTunes Windows Error 2 (Apple Application Support was not found) on Windows 10, 8, 7.

Step 1. Log into your computer as an administrator

Make sure you have an administrator account on your Windows PC. If you don't have it, please create one. Then log into your computer using the administrator account.

Step 2. Keep your Windows up-to-date

iTunes for Windows requires Windows 7 or later with the latest Service Pack installed. If you are using a Windows XP or Vista PC, update your Windows.

Step 3. Download the latest version of iTunes

Download the iTunes installer from Apple's website. If you have Windows 10, you can get the latest version of iTunes from the Microsoft Store.

Step 4. Repair iTunes

If you have download iTunes installer from Apple's website, right-click the installer ( the file labeled as iTunesSetup or iTunes64Setup) that you downloaded and choose "Run as administrator." If you've previously installed iTunes, the installer will prompt you to repair the software. After the repair is complete, restart your computer and try launching iTunes and see if iTunes still shows "Apple Application Support was not found".

Step 5. Remove components left from a previous installation

If iTunes fails to install and still shows iTunes Windows Error 2, it might be necessary to remove components left from a previous installation of iTunes and then reinstall.

To remove iTunes and related software components, you should go to Control Panel and uninstall the following application in the following order:

  • iTunes
  • Apple Software Update
  • Apple Mobile Device Support
  • Bonjour
  • Apple Application Support 32-bit
  • Apple Application Support 64-bit

Uninstall iTunes and Related Software Components

Note: Don't uninstall these components in a different order, or only uninstall some of them. Or it will affect iTunes from properly running on your computer.

If after the above steps, you still cannot install iTunes because Apple Application Support was not found. There may be files left behind. Follow the steps below to locate and remove Apple Application Support.

  • Open the Program Files folder.
  • You can press the Windows and R key to open the Run window. Enter: %programfiles%.
  • The Program Files folder will be opened. If you see one of these folders: iTunes, Bonjour, iPod. Delete them.

Remove iTunes, Bonjour, iPod

  • Open the Common Files > Apple folder, delete these folders if they exist:Mobile Device Support, Apple Application Support, CoreFP.

Delete Mobile Device Support and Apple Application Support

Then you can empty the Trash Bin on your computer. If you're running a 64-bitversion of Windows, continue with these steps.

  • Open the Program Files (x86) folder. Delete these folders: iTunes, Bonjour, iPod.
  • Open the Common Files > Apple. Delete the following folders and empty the Trash Bin: Mobile Device Support, Apple Application Support, CoreFP.

Step 6. Disable conflicting software

Some background processes can cause issues that prevent applications like iTunes from installing. If you installed security software and are having issues installing iTunes for Windows, you need to disable or uninstall security software to resolve the issues.

Step 7. Restart your computer

After the restart, try to install iTunes again.

3. Fix Apple Application Support Was Not Found (Proven)

Some users reported that the steps recommended by Apple failed to fix iTunes with Apple Application Support not found and they fix the problem with the following steps.

Step 1. Download and save a copy of the iTunesSetup.exe installer file to your hard drive:

Step 2. With WinRAR installed on your PC, right-click the iTunesSetup.exe, and select "Extract to iTunesSetup". WinRAR will expand the contents of the file into a folder called "iTunesSetup".

Extract iTunesSetup

Step 3.Go into the folder and double click the AppleApplicationSupport.msi to do a standalone AAS install.

Also, there is another trick that can fix the Apple Application Support not found error for some users.

Step 1. Download the iTunes installer (iTunesSetup.exe or iTunesSetup64.exe) from Apple.

Step 2. Unzip the iTunesSetup.exe and open the folder iTunesSetup. Double-click the file AppleApplicationSupport.msi or AppleApplicationSupport64.msi.

Step 3. Click "Repair".

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5. iTunes Alternative:Restore or Update iPhone without iTunes

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