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How to Restore Notes from iCloud

By Emily Watson, Wednesday, April 11, 2018

It seems that our parents are becoming more and more like to take notes with age. They say that is because they are suffering from age-related memory loss. I'm sorry to hear that one of my friends' mother lose her iPhone 7. And that is not the worst situation. Her mother always keeps many passwords of her bank cards in iPhone notes instead of her mind. Now, they are like cats on hot bricks because they think they cannot find those passwords back any more.

To get back notes on iPhone after the device is lost or stolen, there is only one way. That is restoring notes from backup files. FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery works perfectly in notes recovery from iCloud backup or iTunes backup. It not only can restore lost notes, but videos, pictures, text messages, reminders, etc can be recovered. Since iCloud now is a more preferred way for people to do a backup, I am going to show you how to restore notes from iCloud. Let's see the details in the following guide.

Download the trial version of iPhone Data Recovery here:


Solution 1: How to Restore Notes from iCloud

Step 1: Start the program

After the download completed, launch the .exe file to install, and then start the program.

Step 2: Sign in iCloud

Choose "Recover from iCloud Backup File" to enter into iCloud login page. Sign in your iCloud account with Apple ID and password.

Recover from iCloud Backup Files

Step 3: Download iCloud backup files

After entering iCloud account, all iCloud backup files will be loaded automatically. Choose the one you need and click "Download" in the corresponding column.

Select One of iCloud Backups

Step 4: Preview and restore notes from iCloud

A few seconds later, you can preview the downloaded file. Mark down what you want while previewing, and restore them by clicking "Recover" button.

Select Notes from iCloud Backup to Be Restored

[Optional] Step 5: Put Recovered Notes Back to Device

After you have recovered deleted notes successfully, those recovered note will be saved to the computer, not the iPhone or iPad. However, there is a optional way for you to put the data back to device:  Log into iCloud and copy the recovered note to the iCloud Notes. Then they will automatcially sync with your iDevices. Go back to your iPhone/iPad, and you will view these notes.

Copy Recovered Notes to iPhone

Solution 2: Get My Notes Back from iCloud Website

If you are an old Notes users, you will notice that you can create notes on "iCloud" folder and "My iPhone" folder. Those notes saved on "iCloud" folder can be recovered from iCloud webstie when you lost your iPhone.

  • Sign in your Apple ID on iCloud website.

  • Go into "Notes" app and you will see all notes on iCloud, even if you have deleted them in the past 30 days.

  • Click on certain notes and view them. When you tend to recover the deleted notes from "Recently Deleted", just open that note and hit "Recover" button so it will go back to its original folder.

Recover Deleted Notes on iCloud

Now, FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery and iCloud website help you to save notes on computer painlessly. It takes nothing except for a few simple mouse clicks. You can also restore notes from iTunes backup. Please don't hesitate to try this program to restore deleted files when you stuck in iPhone data loss.



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